Monday, May 30, 2011

Weekends are the BEST!

Cash Ryland and Bentley Jax, I just adore your smiles! The three of us can laugh for hours on end! Here are a few pictures of our FUN ;c)

Saturday we visited the Grandmother ;c)
For a brief period of time it was lovely outside ;c) The two of you were very fascinated with the water dripping off the roof into a small clear puddle.

After you two had a BLAST outside, I ran to the store while Grandmother played with you ;c)

 When I got back you were both crashed out ;c) Looks like you had lots of fun!!!

Later that night our friend Travis came over to watch the UFC fight and enjoy some yummy pizza!
Then it was sleepy nigh nigh time ;c)

I would say this is the preferred day of the week ;c) Family day! We watched 'Reaper' (show on Netflix from 2007) and enjoyed some quality time together!

Since you loved the uncle Maddox's tunnel sooo much, Daddy went and bought you the same tent/tunnel ;c) It is lots of fun, even MOM can hang out in it!
For dinner Dad made chicken fettuccine alfredo.. yum yum yum! Massive amounts of cheese is always a plus!

I love you both equally and more than anything! Thank you for showing me my purpose here on Earth ;c) Being your MOM is the most amazing thing i've ever accomplished... It has been a crazy ride being pregnant with you and now we are close to your first year in this new world! This really is the most AMAZING, SPLENDID, TIRING, HUMBLING, MARVELOUS adventure of my life and its only getting better!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mini Mess Makers

Having twins is a BLAST and I can't imagine having a singleton... I think it would be rather boring ;c)
 That being said, sometimes the two of you really are twice the MESS! haha I recently picked up some mini ravioli for you a while ago and have been putting it off to the inevitable massive mess! Today I must have been feeling a bit adventurous or CRAZY! hehe

Oh little men of my mine, you can imagine after this delicious meal that I cannot simply use a rag to wash your faces... BATH TIME! I added some bubbles for you of course!

Bentley Jax and Cash Ryland, you are the absolute BEST and I am so very lucky to be your MOM and stay home to create these wonderful memories! The best piece of advise I was given before the two of you were born... Take lots of pictures the first year, you wont remember much due to lack of sleep and overall chaos of twins! Luckily no one had to twist my arm to take loads of photos of your adorable faces!! As I start to plan your first birthday, I realize it went by so fast and I wish I had MORE videos...

 I love you both equally and more than anything!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Happy ;c)

The two of you are my reason for living, for waking up every single morning... I love the two of you more than I love myself *which historically is quite a bit* ;c) The world is a crazy place at times...Believe it or not some actually thought the end of the world would happen on May 21st!  Many tornado devastations, deaths, anniversaries of deaths and variety of other sad things have happened recently and I want the two of you to know that no matter what happens in your lives I will always be here for you and you have a place to stay with people that absolutely love you! 

I am not fond of  feeling sad or scared.. I would much rather laugh and feel an endorphine rush from joy ;c) I admit, if you check the recent history of our Netflix everything I watch is either animated, family or comedy... * This is just when I happen to change from Nick Jr or Sprout haha* And although you may not be paying too much attention to what is going is happening on TV, you are still influenced by not only the images but my energy as well... SO, I like to keep things as pleasant as possible around this joint ;c)

Yesterday was BEAUTIFUL and we were outside more than a couple of times!

I can't tell you how proud I am that both of you are walking before 11 months despite being preemies and twins...oh and that scare about Bentley's hips due to his breach position throughout the entire pregnancy.. Glad that is all in the past and you are both physically flawless ;c) One of my favorite things about having the two of you at the same time, is watching this unbreakable bond you are developing while you explore this world together! 

On one of our outings, Bentley Jax, you fell asleep bent over and holding the tray in front of you haha I tried multiple times to lean you back but you really preferred YOUR way ;c) Cash Ryland you finally fell asleep on the way back. 

After nap time, we watch Tangled and Gnomeo and Juliet ;c) Super cute movies!!! Gosh, I love yer faces more than I will ever be able to tell you! We have so much fun together, I love making you laugh and getting down on the floor while you crawl all over me ;c) Being a MOM is the best thing to ever happen to me! Thank you both for picking meeeeeeee!

I love you both equally and more than anything!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Summer Strolls

There is just something to be said about taking a stroll with your kiddos on a warm Summer's day *i'm aware its not quite summer* And I am absolutely positive Cash and Bentley enjoy our walks just as much as I do ;c) 
I am glad I can put the gigantic navigator stroller to use *Its too big for my trunk haha* It is so big it will NOT fit through a normal doorway, thankfully our front door is on the wide side! If we walk to the store or mall it is imperative they have automatic doors...If there is a handicap button I push it, open the other door with my other foot and simultaneously push us through before getting to the second set of doors.. haha... We are quite the spectacle my little men...

I love you both equally and more than anything!

**Here is a little bonus video of Cash Ryland with a bucket on his head... Josh and I were cracking up! Funniest thing we have seen in a while... We love you son! P.s The video is terrible quality and the house is a mess but it was a moment I needed to capture ;c)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sip of Sunlight

I'm not sure what has been going on with the weather, but it seems Spring has finally arrived!!... I live for the warmth and beauty of the NW, and with the last two days being PERFECT, I took the boys out to soak up some vitamin D!

Here is a little video of our adventure outside... Feel free to mute, I am talking the entire time haha

 Oh and of course I had to have a little photo shoot for the boys in their new adorable froggy onsies with tongue ;c) * Thanks to the Grandmother ( My Merr)*

It was a beautiful day and the boys liked getting a bit dirty outside.... BATH TIME! 

Josh came home and cooked out on the grill ;c) Steak, pasta, corn and salad... yum yum yum!
I am becoming more fond of bath time now that you can bathe together ;c) Now the problem is standing and Cash trying to crawl out! haha

 Looks like today will be even warmer than yesterday! WOO HOO! 

**Bentley & Cash, I want you to know that I had to move nearly 1000 pictures and video from my new camera to the external hard drive... Yes, Mother's Day was just a few weeks ago...haha.. I try to capture as many precious moments as I can and I hope one day the two of you appreciate all of this fabulous documentation of your wonderful childhood ;c) I love you both equally and more than anything!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Well folks (like my father would say), the day has finally arrived and BENTLEY JAX is now walking!!! 10.5 months! Not bad for a 6 week preemie and smaller twin ;c) I am soooo proud of you son! I know it has been difficult with Cash walking so early and taking off with your toys... BUT now you can get him! 

I knew I would get this on film because I always have my camera around my neck or near me... plus Bentley, you have been sooooooo close for a while now and I knew it was only a matter of days! Yay Bentley Jax!! I did use yogurt bits to get your attention little man, but it worked and you forgot about your fear of falling! haha

Here are a few more snap shots of your precious moment! Gosh, you are sooo freaking cute! *Cash, you are just as cute... you were just sleeping ;c)*


I love you BOTH equally and more than anything! 

Friday, May 13, 2011

Summer Fun?

Today was  beautiful!! I took the boys out for a stroll and a little play time out in the sun ;c)

After 20 minutes they were
I just adore their little faces! I could take a millions pictures of them... oh wait, I DO! Oh, and here are a few from last night..
 This is real life caught on camera.. the happy, the sad, the sweet precious moments I live for everyday! 
Bath time best friends ;c)

Love you both equally and more than anything ;c)


Due to problems with this site, my post about this spice rack/shelf was deleted... This will be quick and simple. I found this marvelous wood shelf with cut-out hearts at the local value village for $4.99! SCORE!!!

 I sanded the varnish off, covered it with multiple coats of paint, crackle and mod podge... 

I am a big fan and it is the prefect color scheme for the kitchen!

While I painted I let the boys be creative with some chocolate pudding stuff... I was told by my Mom that it is like finger paint.. haha 



Wednesday, May 11, 2011


 My little sweet men... growing up so fast! I cannot believe it has been over 10 months since you arrived into this world and I count my blessings everyday! Even the tough days ;c) 

A quick update, Cash you can run now! Shocking! Bentley, you are afraid of falling and are still reluctant to walk lol You both still have just 8 teeth, but with those teeth you eat just about anything! The two of you have so much fun together (most of the time)... and the three of us have a blast every single day! You LOVE music and are particularly fond of Christina Perri-Jar of Hearts... sometimes its the ONLY thing to calm you down lol

You also enjoy Kesha, Lady GAGA, Rhianna and well anything I like pretty much... Guess you get your taste from me ;c)

Its amazing to me how much personality you both have developed in such a short amount of time! Cash you are the 'brute', our little Tank that falls and never cries... but tends to take anything your bro has and knock down anything in your way*including him*... Bentley you are definitely a Momma's boy and very smart! You are just so stink'n cute you make everyone smile! The two of you are twice the fun, twice the love and twice the chaos but I wouldn't have it any other way ;c)

Despite the overwhelming JOY you bring into my life, I still need a few spare moments to be crafty, cook and obviously blog... SO yesterday and today I worked on this scrumdidillyumptious strawberry cheesecake while you napped!

I made it  with a mixer this time! haha Thanks Pink for letting me borrow it ;c) I must say that it turned our fantastically! Even Josh seemed to like

Cash Ryland & Bentley Jax... You are the BEST! I love you both equally and more than anything! You are my BEST FRIENDSSSSS! LOVE YER FACES!

Monday, May 9, 2011

First Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day! It is my FIRST Mother's Day as a Mother Of Multiples (MOM) to Cash Ryland & Bentley Jax! I am so fortunate to be your mother and to spend this awesome Sunday with the two of you!
This year I got beautiful multi-colored roses and an Olympus camera complete with bag! Woo Hoo!! * Josh got it for me*

I had a blast trying out my new camera on the boys!
For breakfast Josh made me a "Josh McMuffin"- english muffin, pepper jack cheese, turkey bacon, and scrambled eggs... It was so good that I forgot to take a picture! haha
Meanwhile I completed a new craft project! Re-do black stool into cool retro kids stool!
After all was complete and dry I let the boys try it out ;c)
I just love them oh so much!  And I think the stool turned out pretty cool too!
Josh showed off his juggling skills to the boys...
Ahhh I love my new camera!!!! Its been a while since I've had something special just for meeeeeeeee!
For Mother's Day dinner Josh had marinated drumettes the night before to ensure I had absolutly perfect wings! YUMMM! I love fooooood! Oh, and a bit of cherry cheesecake for dessert! 

It was a fabulous day and I am so grateful to be a MOM to my wonderful twin boys! It was a long hard road to have the two of you and I am so thankful you are both happy and healthy little boys! I am looking forward to being your MOM forever and ever!

Cinco De Mayo

 Happy Cinco De Mayo! For our first family celebration we had vegetarian tacos and spanish rice.. yummmmmmmm! Yes, the taco filling is soy but looks like ground beef! It has a similar taste and is oh so scrumptious! 
Oh and it wouldn't be a holiday without a little drink'n ;c) 
Cash and Bentley, the two of you are still a little young to indulge in the spicy deliciousness.. next year for sure!!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Frenchman's Bar Park

Today was without a doubt a Summer day! Since the boys like to wake up by 7am *Cash was awake before 5am and wanted to play with sleeping Bentley* we got ready and to Frenchman's by 11am! We were the only people for a while and it was VERY relaxing...

Cash Ryland showing off his cool shades and taking in all his surroundings ;c) Don't mind my talking in the video...its cute when Cash starts talkin'... and Bentley was still sleepin'...
 *Cash Ryland lookin' all stylish *
*Cash & MOM*

The boys had so much fun playing around on this picnic table... Even though I brought a humongous bag of toys, they would still rather try to eat the nasty wood bench.. grrrreat
Caught Cash with his snarl face.. HILARIOUS in person! I like to refer to him as a lil' grumplestiltskin (grumpy+rumpelstiltskin)... Yes, a made up word I use regularly and should probably be documented lol
Cute baby ka-tushies (another weird word) and shoes ;c) 
 I was immpressed by Bentley... He was bending down to pick up things and even stood by himself! In new shoes...GO Bentley!!
*Bentley Jax*
For snack they had some strawberry dried yogurt bits... sounds weird but its made for babies and they seem to enjoy the flavor ... They don't taste that bad...
By noon it was starting to warm up and the boys wanted their jackets and shades OFF! lol They had the most wonderful time together.. I love watching them interact... Bentley keeps testing Cash by putting his fingers in his mouth... *Last night he got bit HARD*... I don't know when he will learn haha
* Bentley is standing with his arms behind his head... soo cute! *They raced all over the grass... well Bentley followed Cash lol*

...SO a very very bad thing happened today... My camera dropped on the ground and it is broken.. ;c( I'm super duper sad about it... On the bright side I can get a new one for $100... BUT this one was a gift from my Mom when I had the babies last June.. *&^%%$#@$.. *The last group of pictures above was taken with my phone*

^ This is what was the result... then I tried to fix it and now it just makes a terrible click click noise when I try to power it on... Suckyyyyy

Despite the tragic mishap we had a wonderful time today :c) I love love love my boys and am so fortunate to be able to spend every day with them creating all of these wonderful memories!