Saturday, July 30, 2011

A day in the life of Cash and Bentley

I decided that with my recent lapse in blogging due to the stress of school... that I would capture a typical day in the life of Cash Ryland and Bentley Jax ;c)
I love when the two of you wake up you are the HAPPIEST, most smiley little boys, I love it!

I suppose you have picked up my habit of guzzling ice cold water first thing in the morning... SOOO delicious and refreshing! C&B you get so excited when you see a bottle of water or i give you a cup with a few drops, its like CANDY to you ;c) 
Breakfast time! Diced pears, cheerios, a few gold fish and more water... Its so funny to watch you steal off one another's tray! hahaha I always play some tunes and dance for you too ;cp

After cleanup its PLAY time! Its amazing how the entire house has now become "Cash and Bentley's Play Ground"... You have so many toys... BUT you get something every time we are out, so what can I expect? lol
Since it is finally summer around here we went out to play for a bit... Unfortunately it is just not possible to snap pictures AND run in two different directions... So, after a while we went on a walk and had a snack with... YES, water! I worry about dehydration and you prefer water over milk or juice...I don't see an issue ;c)
**Oh, and yes I did take a vanity picture of myself because I am rather proud of my twin-momma-bod, i'm the most fit i've been in my life! (no, I did not wear that on our walk lol)
Its pretty apparent I wear glasses and the two of you know not to mess with them (most of the time). We had purchased sunglasses for you a while back and one of you tore the lenses out of one pair... and thus these "glasses" were made and you FIGHT over them... Its cute you know how to take them on and off... not so cute when you get frustrated when they go down too far and end up around your neck...
Yes, LUNCH... more food.. haha... its staggering how much you two can eat... We literally spend more money on food for you two , than ourselves!
It is rather annoying when people constantly say the two of you must be "double trouble"... I don't feel that way at all.. well, at least until nap time rolls around... It can be a challenge to please you both at the same time... I find if I hold you both and bounce on the giant yoga ball while singing/humming, it tends to do the trick...  Regardless I am a champion of life and can ALWAYS get you to sleep ;c)

After my power-shower and a bit of tidying up... you are awake and ready for snack time...
Okay... its seriously hot out and I never give you real sugary things... So I gave you a special treat, BLUE otter-pop ;c) You each had half and ate it up FAST!

I went to school and Daddy took a few picture of your dinner/snack time... Gold fish and bananas! **You both can say bananananana...super cute!!!
Yes, more change of clothes and off to play in our indoor playground.. its far too difficult to take you both to a park by oneself... for obvious reasons... you may be identical, but you don't always do the same thing at the same time...
Awww... most of the time you are awake and run to me when I walk in the door at 11:15pm saying "ma ma mama ma ma..."... but you were asleep in your Daddy's arms... 

I love you Bentley Jax and Cash Ryland, more than you will ever know! I am so lucky to have IDENTICAL TWIN BABY BOYS! Two is always better than one ;c) Thank you for being so patient while I finish school... I absolutely HATED being away from you for so many hours in the evening... I found myself in tears for the first couple of weeks ;c( I just love you both SOOOOOOOOO much, that I want to be with you all-day, everyday! It goes by so quickly, and we only get this journey once, so lets make it the BEST we possibly can! 

Saturday, July 9, 2011


I cannot believe its already Saturday! This week off from school went by far too fast! I have enjoyed spending all my time with the two of you!!! We have also gone over to visit Grandmother a few times ;c) Yesterday you had your first experience with a hose! It was beyond adorable watching TWO babies drink from a hose...
Its impossible to capture in pictures or video the actual amount of FUN the two of you were having. Running around yelling, making silly faces and of course the HOSE! You love ice water.. can you imagine the joy of a constant stream of coldness?!? Here is a little video to show you more ;c)
YES, I feel like I have a pocket full of sunshine when I am with you little men! Your laughter is contagious and everything you do is absolutely precious!!! Having a twin looks like the BEST thing ever! I'm sooo glad you have one another! Built-in-best-friend for life! 

I am sad to say that today I must start focusing some attention on completing homework for this final class! Only three more weeks baby boys and I am all yours again ;c) WOO HOO! Being a MOM is the best job ever, thank you for picking me Cash and Bentley!

 I love you both equally and more than anything!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

Yes yes, technically you two were around last year for the 4th of July, but the three of us did not do any sort of celebrating... I watched fireworks from my hospital room window with my Mom while you slept on heated beds connected to a bunch of beeping monitors... Not exactly ideal for your first 4th of July experience... SO, i'm considering this year your first ;c)
 Your muscle tees say 'Little Firecracker!' adorable!!!
This outfit was from Auntie Ashweee, it was a little too hot for the knitted polo but the shorts were a PERFECT match for your tees ;c)
The four of us went over to Grandmother's house for a BBQ and fireworks. She picked up a fabulous little pool for you to use on this hot summer's day! You two had a blast running around, playing in the water, digging in the sandbox and catching shade in Uncle Maddox's dome tent ;c) It was a blast! I loved watching you run around and being able to spend time with my Mom was a delight! I love you Merrr! 

(*This song was your Dad's ringtone when we first started dating*)

While we played out back, Daddy was out with your uncles in the front lighting fireworks for half the day ;c) Don't worry, in a few years you can be out there in the action! And although you both were very clinging due to the sound of the fireworks, you did pretty well when we made an appearance outside once the sun went down ;c) I'm sure in a few years you will love this holiday as much as your Dad!

I love you both equally and more than anything! 

12 months in 12 seconds

Cash Ryland and Bentley Jax, my two perfect tiny babies born June 29,2010. I love you both so incredibly much!!! I couldn't imagine my life without either of you (and wouldn't it be boring being a singleton?) ;c) 

 Since you were born in the 34th week of gestation it was imperative you spend a couple of weeks in the NICU learning how to drink from a bottle and gain weight. Your goals were around 15-20ml per feeding which you reluctantly took down in about 30-45mins... You would never guess you had difficulty eating, the two of you can seriously put down some food! 
 After two weeks of the NICU we brought you home! It was wonderfully to finally leave the hospital WITH my babies ;c)
 At 3 weeks old you were still in preemie clothing/diapers! I could carry you both in one arm and make bottles with the other! I was the master of feeding you at the SAME time ;c)
I'll be honest, it is a bit difficult at times to tell who is who in pictures... you both looked like tiny old men haha I would also find you doing the same thing at the same time which was too precious!
 Newborn clothing at 2 months, WOO HOO! We took a trip down to California where I picked up the sleepy wrap... it was soooooo cute to carry you both in a pouch and still have use of my hands ;c) Those days are long gone!
After what seemed like a while (at the time), you both got SUPER chunky! People would say, "WOW, they look so healthy!" hahahaha
 Halloween you both looked adorable as vampires! However not such fans of people in costumes ;c) I make a conscious effort to take advantage of every holiday and snap a picture of you two. I can't help it, you are just so handsome!!!
 I really look back now and am SO thankful I took thousands of pictures of you during this first year! It has gone by so quickly! I definitely need to invest in a better video camera during the next year! *If you are wondering, I have a special silver box called an external hard drive which contains everything ;c)
 Little Santa babies ;c) It was CRUCIAL for me to get those black velvet stockings monogrammed with your names. I have had mine since I was a little girl and find it a very special tradition.
 You may look similar but you have such different personalities! Bentley you are the cute little Momma's boy and Cash, you are the handsome little brute!
 I must say you are both equally as funny and make me laugh for days! I'm so lucky to have you Cash & Bentley!!!
Look at all those teeth! You both grew 8 teeth rather fast which enabled you to start eating more yummy goodness! Fruit is your favorite! Up there with ice cold water! 
 To those that have a problem with me dressing you the same... pshhh, Its freaking ADORABLE and they are jealous! You two are so rare and special, clothing cannot cover up your individuality! Identical twins should be the only siblings dressed the same in my opinion! haha
I am so proud of you, Bentley and Cash, you are amazingly perfect in every way! You have hit and exceeded every milestone! I can take you anywhere with me and you are amazingly well behaved! I must say in the nature/nurture argument, the environment in which you are raised greatly influences your demeanor... and may I just say you two are always SOOOO HAPPY! ;c)

This time last year was incredibly scary and mostly heartbreaking for me... This year you are ONE and have grown to be two amazing little boys! Every single sleepless night has been more than worth it to see you grow and develop! We have the most fun together C&B, I wouldn't change a thing! 

I am more than proud to be your MOM and can't wait to see what new and exciting things will come about in your second year of life! I love you both equally and more than anything in the universe, thank you for picking me to be your MOM!!!