Friday, February 8, 2013

Mediterranean Chicken & Much More

Ello 2013, we are already into February and soon it will be Valentine's Day! Where does the time go??
Well for us we have been keeping busy with plenty of art, music, toys, books, dancing and overall learning something "new" every single day.
The superbowl was last weekend... We (myself, you and your bro) are not into football but of course had to watch for the commercials! Since your Dad decided to go with the Raven's I just had to play the devil's advocate and root for the opposing team.
I even made us shirts ;c)
You are probably asking yourself, what would posse me to make such silly shirts... Well I can't find it on youtube but I swear it exists! haha
By the way, they lost...
The night before we had fried ravioli, yummy!  For game day we continued our trend and made corndogs, crock pot queso dip and no football game is complete without WINGS!
Needless to say we were stuffed and saturated with oil.... 
(We had salad the next night)
Oh yes, on a side note I have been painting this super neat vanity I scored last year for $20 in a garage sale across the street. It has a big mirror on top but of course my picture is lacking...

For a moment I thought I didn't take any pictures for a week, silly me they were just on my phone...


 -We had a visit from my high school friend Kayla and 3 month old Madison. It was sweet to hold a little baby girl... Even more sweet was the moment when the two of you fell asleep on either side of me and she fell asleep in my arms... For a BRIEF, very brief moment I thought "I could totally handle three...."
Then I "slapped" myself back into reality haha
- I made a rather dark mixed media piece that is open to your interpretation but seems obvious in my bipolar mind ;c)
- I adore that picture of the two of your working together with the scissors, it is astonishing to watch the teamwork and twin skills in action...
 You are the tower building champions! 
Yes, we kept the rainbow lights up because they are awesome and make the house feel just a bit more magical...
I walk into the destroyed bedroom the other night and you two are just having a ball watching Gumby and rocking around in a set of plastic drawers... Priceless!
Yesterday I started off the morning by filling the crock pot with ingredients for a Mediterranean chicken...
As you know I am not the primary cook in the family but I have been working with my buddy Pinterest to try new avenues...
As that filled the house with a delightful aroma, I couldn't help but mix up some cookies with a bit food coloring to make it festive for upcoming Love Day! You guys were great helpers, you even helped yourself to all the cookies like the Baby Blue Cat...
 Your Great Grandparents came by to visit and bring you Valentine's day gifts! You scored two new outfits, Duplo Legos and a sweet little 101 Dalmatians Valentine. It was great to see them and watch you interact..
While you two little drummer boys modeled your new clothes I made a scrumptious Greek Salad to compliment our meal... I combined a few things I read online and it turned out great!
Here is the recipe:
-1 cucumber 
-3/4 red onion
-Container of cherry tomatoes
- 1/2 green bell pepper
- 2 cloves garlic
-Feta Cheese
- Green Olives (I recommend pitted)
-Dash of : Olive Oil, salt, pepper, red wine vinegar, sugar, dried parsley, oregano...
Yes, many ingredients but man it was totally worth it!
Cooked couscous in five minutes from a box (Near East Brand- Roasted Garlic and Olive Oil)
The recipe for the chicken is here.
I substituted the red wine vinegar for apple cider vinegar mixed with a little pinot noir (red wine), added a sprinkle of Herbs De Provence and BAM!
Finished up the presentation with a fresh bed of spinach, a couple olives and a bit more feta...
It was phenomenal! We finished every last morsel on our plates and wanted more! I will certainly be adding this to our regular dinner menu...

I think that is all for now, whew!

I love you both equally and more than anything!