I decided to make a list of the most common questions I get from people relative to the boys... 

1) Are they TWINS?
- You would be surprised that this would be the number one question I am asked while we are out and about... The answer of course is YES! 

2) Are they identical?
-YES! This mean that once the ONE egg was fertilized it split into two perfect babies, they have the SAME DNA, different fingerprints ;c)

3) Do they act the same? 
-NO WAY! They are completely different beings, with different likes and dislikes... They do like to be doing the same thing at the same time... They have TWIN love

4) Do they sleep at the same time?
- For the most part yes... It was imperative I keep them on a schedule or I would go crazy...lol To add to that, they do not sleep for very long....

5) Do they sleep through the night? 
-NO... lol... I am a light sleeper and I refuse to let them cry... Until recently I was only getting no more than two hours of consecutive sleep... Now its maybe 3 or 4...  My  body has adjusted and it doesn't bother me... I am SOOO lucky to have them in my life!!!

6) Do you ALWAYS dress them the same?
-I try very hard to keep them in the same outfit... at least to begin with... If I don't change both of them at the same time, the outfits may be in different loads of laundry and my OCD cannot handle that... haha If we are at home, they prefer not to wear anything... 

7) Is it HARD having twins?
-Is this a joke? Understandably it is hard having twins... It is hard having one baby, with two you do everything twice, everything twice... However they are amazingly good and make my life pretty laid back... The difficult times are naps and occasionally a screaming match... There is one of me and two of them (for a majority of the day)... 

8) What is the BEST part of having twins??
-This is a hard question to answer... The truth is absolutely EVERYTHING! I'll bullet these points to make it easy to read...
  • Holding two babies at the same time
  • Satisfaction of putting them both to sleep in my arms while singing/humming
  • Two babies laughing is priceless and when they laugh at one another... its too cute!
  • Two smiling faces that love me as much as I love them
  • They have this bond; stronger than with anyone else... 
  • Twin talk and twin telepathy 
  • They have a built-in-best-friend!
  • I feel no need to ever be pregnant again
  • Not only did I lose my baby weight FAST but I've toned up and am in better shape than before the twins! 

6)Why are you not married/When is the wedding??
- Everyone knows that having a baby is expensive... having two at one time is double the cost... The probability that they would need time in the NICU was high... I needed twice as many doctor visits and ultrasounds... It was financially smart to abstain from marriage because myself and the boys would be covered with Blue Cross (thanks Momma!)... Not to mention a psycho is suing me for a car accident that happened when I was a senior in high school and working at Taco Bell... Still not settled... I made a left turn on a blind corner and she hit me... I was in the hospital.. blah blah blah

-The wedding... HA... The truth is that with the time, energy and money involved with planning a wedding... It is at the bottom of the list for now. For all intensive purposes we are married... just without the ceremony and legal certificate.. haha

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