Saturday, March 31, 2012

Art, Puzzles & Twin Love!

CASH RYLAND & BENTLEY JAX!  I just adore your names....Anyways, since I did such a wonderful job on the rainbow project I decided to try another... Melted Crayon stem flowers! I had some extra flowers from a project last spring and thought they would work perfectly!
Meanwhile I was still planning my multi-canvas silhouette painting... Josh and I agreed on a red/orange/yellow background with a black tree... This is what I came up with... Yes I had to look at trees to figure out how to paint them, but the heart was my idea ;c)
What else was going on?!
Building block towers, puzzles and a reorganization of your room ;c) I am so proud of how smart you two are, you even help me pick up yours toys! I love that as each day passes you learn more directions and concepts... You are the best at "checking" on the other if we ask, (you really just find the other and gently push his back and say  "go, go") or you bring one another juice/treats... It is more than brothers and best friends... It is something only you two share as identical twins... I feel so lucky you picked me to be your MOM! 
Of course we had to eat yummy goodness! I am always asked how I can eat such rich foods and keep trim... Honestly, you two are constant exercise! My arms and legs and like steel... could I go the the gym and do a few crunches of course lol.... I am actually trying to budget a gym membership for myself... Before you were born I was addicted to the gym and always came home feeling GREAT! Now that school is over I will have more time and willingness! 
Oh and how could I forget my handsome Woody & Buzz (thanks uncle Maddox)... I swear you get cuter by the day!

I love you both equally and more than anything!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Rainbow Art

I have been looking at melted crayon art on Pinterest and have been wanting to do the ever-so popular rainbow! 
It just makes me smile!
I used a 64 pack of Crayola plus the preferable brights out of another box, and a canvas... At first I tried to use Super Glue to attach them... BUT That was not working well and getting all over my fingers... Josh ran to the store to buy me a cute little pink glue gun to fix my problem... Not sure why I didn't own one already?? Anyways...I made sure every label was facing the SAME direction and placed it in a window for a slight angle..
I used my hair dryer on low, pointing straight down (this is important to keep the colors from flying everywhere).. It takes patience and I recommend doing one small section at a time and going back to create the layered look... I decided it was too bare and melted it more...

I am super proud of the way it turned out! Now I am tempted to make more!!! 

Cash & Bentz- I did this while you were sleeping... I promise we will play with melted crayons when you a little older ;c) LOVE YOU BOTH!

ps- I made a 4.0 this quarter... I actually made an A in that difficult logic class! GO ME! *happy dance* Remember you can do ANYTHING you put your mind to....

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Is it REALLY Spring?!?

Hmmm...I am wondering about Gamemakers changing our weather for their own entertainment.. hahaha I've been reading too much! But really, what is going on?! One day snow and literally the nicest day following!? and then rain...ugh
It was such a beautiful weekend we decided to go on a family walk to the park down the road... It was HUGE and provided some well deserved fresh air.... The play structures were not age appropriate so we will have to check out other parks in the area ;c)
I soaked up as much vitamin D as possible and took lots of pictures of the SURE signs of Spring... I adore flowers and blooming trees... I look forward to spending most of our days out in the sun this summer! 
Later in the evening Dad read you some books, we watched you dance on the table and enjoyed a delicious meal (don't worry I sanitized the table before we ate ;c)
"It reminds me of someone else I knew when they were a child"- The Grandmother 
OoOoOo and your new soft cover came for your futon (yes I think the likelihood of you getting it dirty is high)... We decided not to put the little legs back on so now you have a Cash & Bentley sized couch... You are really enjoying it as well as the TV we recently put in... Although the intent was for you to start spending more time in your room, however we usually ended up having two different preschool programs going on haha Truthfully your Dad and I spend the majority of our time in the kitchen... Music, Food, Dancing, Conversation, Pictures, Crafts, and FOOD! Having three guys in the house (okay and me), we tend to nibble frequently... Gosh, I am one lucky MOM to have such wonderful guys in my life!

I love you both equally and more than anything!!!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Futon, Play-dough, Snow & MORE!

YESSSSSS! I am finally finished with the term and am happy logic is over but I will miss my history class... I am looking forward to spending all of my time with you two again ;c) 
Yesterday was my last final exam and we celebrated with your new futon that arrived, making playdough and getting a quarter of the way through The Hunger Games... I read it to you in a sort of British Accent for some reason or another..The movie comes tonight and figured I should read the book first... Not that your Dad and I will be seeing it in theaters..BUT I want to know what all the hype is about ;c)
**Above area few sweet pictures of you guys showing your Daddy some loves and hugs...
The weather has been very odd lately but the evening skies are beautiful! I am sure the sunrises are equally  as gorgeous but I am not a morning person... Oh and your Dad decided to spoil you with some ice cream... at nine o'clock at night! But he quickly proved you were consuming less sugar than in a pack of fruit snacks... and i'll admit we buy the  BIG boxes, weekly...
Last night it started lightly snowing... Lucky for you guys it didn't melt before we had a chance to get out and  play a little while... It was precious to watch you walk around with a melting snowball sucking at the cold water ;c)

Now we are inside warming our toes watching Sprout and soon you will pass you in my arms as usual... I have always rocked you to sleep (usually at the same time) and I admit it is nice you just curl up on each side of me and crash out... Twins are definitely twice the fun and love!

I love you both equally and more than anything! 

ps- If you were wondering why I don't use a crib and let you "cry-it-out"... honestly I can't stand you being sad and crying, I will always prevent it if possible... Well unless you bite the other and I put you in a 30 second timeout sitting against a wall... But you know what I mean ;c) 

Monday, March 19, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Weekend

Oh Washington... so silly with the weather... one day we wake up to snow, followed by an afternoon of sunshine, and a bit of rain moments later!? Global warming or what?!? Sheesh... All I know is that school is soon to be over and summer is just around the corner! 
Mom got her tax return back and invested in a sewing machine for the family ;c) ** Much more difficult than it looks** I have been watching YouTube videos and reading the thick instruction manual.. I promise to get this down! Your Grandmother came by yesterday and showed me how to thread it properly as well...  I hope in the near future I can create a Katwise sweater! hahahahaha
We also had the opportuity to spend some quality time with you Daddy due to his foot injury... We purchased this AMAZING table that combines all aspects that your Dad and I were looking for.. He wanted a table with removable leafs; I wanted a table with benches... = compromise...WOO HOO! 
St. Patrick's Day was this weekend and we celebrated with green eggs for breakfast.. I admit your Dad and I thought they looked disgusting while I cooked em up.... BUT we ending up enjoying them while not looking directly at the discoloration... not bad actually... Lunch we enjoyed pepper turkey sandwiches on Hawaiian sweet roll bread... delicious...
Oh, and if you ever question if your Daddy loves you...Here is a perfect example of your current preference for him :c) *I  don't take it personal...*
St.Patty's Day also consisted of green adult beverages & treats for you two ;c)
Obviously we purchased festive mini-cupcakes for you to indulge... 
We had a fantastic time as a family! I look forward to next weekend...
Cash & Bentz, we love you both equally and more than anything! 

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Blogiversary & SUNSHINE!

I can't believe I missed it! March 2, 2011 was my first post and the start of this wonderful little treasure full of amazing memories! I enjoyed looking through the 100+  posts and am so happy I stayed committed over the past year... I loved looking through the photos/videos of crawling, walking, running, dancing, laughing... The pictures are amazing and I can see the hours of hard work has paid off! I wish I would have known about this years ago! It is a virtual journal I get to share with everyone and hopefully one day you two will appreciate it as much as I do ;c)

WOW, I just found a site that prints off blogs as books! I am so excited! I think i'll print one every year... or should I print two? Or just buy the virtual version for you guys to add to your tablets or whatever technology is available?! But then why would you need a virtual version if THIS is virtual? hmmm... I'll decide later...
Here are some highlights from the last few days...
We were lucky enough to have 3 days of sunshine! We did indeed soak up as much vitamin D as we could from the backyard ;c) I didn't take you to the park because A) It is too much work for one person. B) School is challenging... So please forgive me guys... Summer is soon approaching and we will get more! 
Dad bought me purple tulips the other day and I couldn't resist take your pictures next to them... You love to smell flowers apparently ;c)
 I took a billion pictures but due to the loss of Picnik I am working with a new program that takes me a while longer for collages... So be patient little ones ;c)
I love love love this picture of Cash smelling and Bentley kissing the flowers... adorable! I have some photogenic kiddos!
 I love you both equally and more than anything!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Sunday back to FUNday!

Cash & Bentley,
This Sunday we spent the entire day as a FAMILY! Meaning, I had no homework, Dad had limited calls, we ventured outdoors, enjoyed family movie time, delicious meals and overall had massive amount of laughter! I miss our Sundays together... Usually I am in the other room for hours on end finishing my logic homework, BUT this week I completed everything early! Dad and I got totally addicted to this new game called 'Draw Something'... it is like a pictionary app and uber fun! Grandmother came by with bins of toys, books and two LOUD lawnmower-popping-balls things as well ;c) Thanks mom

 We had some craft time together yesterday and I made a couple St. Patrick's Day items...
You two had fun coloring and participating in art time ;c)
Dad was finally able to pick up our family portrait by Chris Haberman! I love love love it! Granted at first glance I don't look too happy, but I have a smirk like the original picture...
We also ventured outside today! We even found a bird nest!
Love your cute little faces! I feel like you are growing up too quickly!!! Look at you running fast and exploring...I am a proud MOM!
GOSH! You are just so stink'n cute!
Dad made delicious dinners as always! The Pagoda egg rolls are sooo good!
I compiled a few pictures from the last few days with you guys and your Dad.. I definitely know you adore him! It is so precious to see you three together... makes my heart warm...

We had a great relaxing Sunday!
I love you both equally and more than anything!