Saturday, August 20, 2011

California Vacation!

Yes, i've been slacking again... but this time I have a BETTER excuse.... we went down to California to visit your Grandfather Marty(my Dad) and your Uncle Keaton! It took him(KJ)  flying up to help fly us down and fly back with us, JUST to get down to Nevada City ;c) It was well worth it, thank you Dad!
Keaton's girlfriend Lexi picked us up in an Excursion and drove us back 2 hours in style ;c)
It was rather late when we arrived and we went to bed shortly after.
Bright and early the next morning you were out and exploring the 25 acres and splashed around in a horse troff (we do not have horses, so it was clean haha
*Bentley*                                        *Cash*
It was so amazing to watch you run around and soak up everything around you! Including lots of SUN!!
I am impressed that the two of you figured out stairs quickly! ** You have never been around stairs before
The flowers were so beautiful I had to snap a few photos ;c) Okay, lots of pictures....
We attempted to put you in the pool for the first time, but quickly realized you needed to be a little older for this type of flotation device haha So back to the tub of water you ran...
After hours of fun it was time for a nap... I thought a nice ride in the stroller would do the trick... Wellll for Bentley it did..  I guess you were having too much fun Cash ;c)
That evening we had delicious tri-tip which i forgot to photograph.... with broccoli and corn.. yummmm! ** I did snap a picture the last night when we indulged again...

Oh, and my new favorite beverage maker... I can make sparkling water by the bucket fulls! WOO HOO! I'm totally adding this to my wish list...
The next morning you woke up and heading right outside... Grandfather Marty gave you some punchy balloons that didn't last long due to its attraction of dog hair... yucky!
We had a wonderful surprise visit from your great grandmother Josephine, she just recently turned 97!!! Amazing! It was wonderful to see her and your great uncle Larry (not pictured due to the consuming of Klondike bars..hahaha...)
Of course as soon as you could, you were out enjoying nature... neither of you watched TV the entire time! 
I must admit that I am not fond of animals due to my terrible allergies and inability to have some sort of "bond" with a creature... Anyways, you loved Amber the dog and it was sort of sweet ;c)
I can never get enough of the beauty of this place ;c)
Sunday we went to THE fair that I grew up on in Grass Valley! Woo Hoo! When we first arrived these sweet girls wanted to show you two their Pigmy goats, I bought you some shades due to the early morning sun... it didn't take long until you were playing with ;c) I got myself a delicious corn dog! YUM! Uncle Keaton and Lexi met up with us for lunch and strolled around a bit...
You already know you were very well behaved but i'll tell you anyway, THANK YOU for being so good.... and falling asleep so I could make you look like little rock stars ;c)
After our arrival back, it was time for more water fun!!!
Next morning was another gorgeous day! Grandfather Marty and I played gin rummy, our favorite card game from growing up ;)
While we talked for hours, I inquired about his senior year book ** a portrait I have tattooed on me ;c)
His senior quote "It is the mind that makes the body rich"
I found out he was just about in every club, a varsity football player and a total catch back in the day ;c)
** The two pictures on the bottom left are just funny photos i found.... "Future Homemakers of America" and a picture of boys, rifles and dead mud hens... Too funny!!! Oh and your uncle Keaton looks identical to your Grandfather in some of these.. it's crazy!
Keaton in 1965! hahahahaha
Since we were being a bit nostalgic, we tried to get you into the sailor suit that was his and then I was photographed looking the same... BUT it was not what either of you wanted to do... Maybe next time ;c)
After days or exploring I could tell you were far more advanced than I could have ever imagined! You two are absolutely AMAZING and I am so lucky to be your MOM!
We had a wonderful time and look forward to our next visit!!!

I love you both equally and more than anything!!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

While Dad is gone, we will play...

During the last few days your Dad has been gone on a work trip to Tampa, Florida.. While he was away *and i didn't have homework* we had a blast ;c)
What drove me to dress up as Amy Winehouse? (She passed away recently) I was singing along to her song and the two of you kept shaking your head when I said "NO, NO, NO"... I had a cute idea to make a video... BUT of course when I went to record you, you wouldn't do it... haha

(Yes, I look like a creeper but  I don't have many pictures of the three of us )
The Grandmother has been Hawaii for the last two weeks *LUCKY* The day after they were back, we went over for visit... It has hot and a GREAT summer day to go in the back yard  ;c)
 Out of all of the toys in the yard, the hose is by far your favorite.. The center picture is basil from the herb garden :c)
From Hawaii your gift wast this adorable little outfit, green and blue of course! It was just too cute! Uncle Maddox decided it was a bit chilly with the AC compared to Hawaii and put on an animal beanie... The two of you just adore him ;c)
On our outing to Babies R' US,  you got some cute shirts, hats, another pool, old school water-floaty outfits *I had one when I was a kid!*  and these little microphones (they echo when you make noise into them). It was just so stink'n cute not to take pictures ;c)Cash you were ALL smiles.. Bentley you were more into giving kisses to your brother and making silly faces...

Unfortunately you were unable to stay awake long enough to see your Daddy come home... missed it by 20 mins or so... I'll get some pictures of you guys together tomorrow hopefully ;c)

I love you both equally and more than anything!