Friday, September 30, 2011

Aye B n C!

Today is the LAST day of September and it is finally starting to feel like Fall... Since it is getting a bit more chilly outside, I decided it was time for some close toed shoes.... I packed you both up and we went to Target! You were both very well behaved as I shoved your chubby little feets into different shoes... I had to buy size 4 and 5! You definitely have your Dad's feet ;c) I had all intentions of walking to the park with with stroller... However it was on our drive back, so I stopped for convenience :c)    
It was absolutely adorable watching you figure out to walk in the new shoes, but you both caught on quick and were out exploring in no time! Although you have VERY different personalities, you are still identical twins and I find it fascinating to watch you do the same thing at the same time! Cash you are my crazy-man for sure! You are loud, wild and have very dramatic facial expressions! Bentley, although scared of being up too high, you loved the swing! I was a very proud mamma to have TWO cute kiddos running around... 
Since figuring out how to use the 12 second self-timer, i've been trying to take more pictures of the three of us...  You both are very happy boys and I am thankful you are both healthy and bright! Your smiling faces get me through the rough days...
Forgot to mention we were attacked by some rogue zombies while we were there... haha.. Kidding...but seriously little men, I have a confession... I LOVE Halloween! I look forward to dressing up every year...( Last year was the first and last year I'll be costume-less)... I already have ours planned... shhhh....

I love you both equally and more than anything!

Ps... I have a new cute thing I like to say to you... "Aye B n C... " I used to say 'Hey B n C'... but since realizing "Aye B n C" sounds just like A, B and C, I prefer it ;c) hardy- har-har, I crack myself up!


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Vegetarian Delights & 'Knock You Naked' Brownies!

I have recently gone back to vegetarianism, ALMOST vegan but I loveeee cheese and can't give it up quite yet! My mom on the other hand is rock'n it up, GO MOM! Last weekend we made a trip to 4 different store including Chuck's Produce, Trader Joes and Whole Foods... Bought lots of tofu in attempts to make it taste good... Here are a couple of dinners we have made.. Enjoy!
Herb crusted tofu, black quinoa, mushrooms with onion, garlic and kale.. with a side salad.....It was scrumptious and all left overs were eaten the next day! The secret is 'Herbs de Provence'! Shhhhh!
Tofu curry anyone? I was a bit scared about this idea... I have never been a curry fan and am sensitive to hot flavors... But I gave it a shot... Baked brown rive, onions, garlic, mushrooms and peppers... all cooked in a vegetarian green thai curry sauce... served with salad and grape juice (wine).... YUMMMMM!
Alright... I said I was attempting to go vegan.. I just can't give up some dairy... For example we made 
'Knock You Naked Brownies' ... Bake layers of chocolate, caramel, pecans, and brown mix... Leave refrigerated over night and TA DA! This treat makes my mouth water... I highly recommend it to anyone who can eat it!!! Here is the recipe from the Pioneer Woman's blog ;c)
Also, I am currently addicted to Dave's Bread- SPELT! If you want to be my friend, bring me a loaf... I swear Freddy's only gets 3 a week and I buy them all! HAHA
" Just say NO to bread on drugs!"

Here are some more ideas for yummy vegan/vegetarian foods:
World Food's Vegan sloppy joe mix with homemade rosemary fries! OH YEAH!
Pinto/black beans with red onion, tomato, cilantro, avocado and lime, with a side of corn... NOM NOM NOM!  ** Replace butter for lime**
If all else fails, mix up every vegetable you can find, add some lentils and call it a STEW! Make a side of organic cornbread and you have meals for days!

** Cash and Bentley, just for the record you have eaten and enjoyed all of these foods... okay, I lied, I didn't give you curry tofu... BUT You are both well on your way to healthy living ;c)....At least with me, your Dad still gives you hot dogs.. haha

Friday, September 23, 2011

Last Day of Summer

Yesterday was the last day of summer and Grandmother's HEA picnic at Alderbrook. We had an absolutely wonderful time! Here are a collection of pictures...
All 7 of us, Grandmother, Grandpa Jon, Uncle Maddox, Uncle Jack, Cash, Bentley and myself, all piled into the giant van and headed out to this beautiful park in the middle of a forest. I was amazed by the mass of this  place, it had covered BBQ areas, a snack shack and a fountain with lemonade coming out of it! While I was feeding you some potluck food, Grandmother hollered at us to come on an adventure to find a woman with a red triplet stroller (just like your double)... After a small trek we found her, come to find out she had twin boys and 14 months later had another little boy! Champion! I am perfectly content with the two of you and do not need any more children ;c)
I would say the two of you were the happiest while running through this gigantic field towards the bouncy houses and the pond with paddle boats! Here is a little video of Cash running and clapping with excitement... Bentley stayed close to Grandmother... 

I had issues editing these videos... so forgive me... You may want to turn the volume down or mute.. haha
Here is a video of your first time in a bouncy house! Bentley you seemed to enjoy it the most... Cash, I figure  you didn't like being confined ;c)
After a short while we made it up to the lake that was FULL of black fish and salamanders or as I call them, newts. 
WAYYY out there in the distance is Grandpa Jon, Uncle Maddox and Uncle Jack in paddle boats.. We didn't have life jackets soooo unfortunately you were not able to enjoy the lake... Although you both tried to turn around and back down into it.. haha
Luckily close by was a pool and it had a nifty slopped kid side...
Again, I was not prepared to put you in the water and didn't bring the proper gear... The two of you didn't seem to mind... I was shocked at how adventuresome you both were the first time in a pool... You just kept going and wanting to naturally swim! I'll have to get you some lessons this year ;c)
After walking allll the way back, it was starting to get dark and time to leave... Cash you are pictured with a tired looking uncle Jack.... Bentley... you were with me and lets just say something weird happened with the camera and this was our shot! We look like ghosts.... or someone can't take a picture.. haha

It was a wonderful experience and you both crashed out on the way back... We will have to go back again more prepared!
I love you both equally and more than anything!

Ps Here are a couple of miscellaneous things from this summer...
The aztec sandbox was turned into a swimming pool and you both very much enjoyed that this summer... Cash you were laying down trying to swim! Even putting your face in the water! I was very impressed by your fearlessness of water...

I was having some water and you two wanted a drink... I decided I should see if you drink out of a straw... and by-golly, you can! You never cease to amaze me my dears ;c)

Friday, September 16, 2011

First Zoo Trip

Cash and Bentley, my beautiful baby boys, today we ventured to the Zoo for the first time! My good friend Travis got us in for free (okay you would have been free anyways lol) It was the perfect northwest day, overcast, mild temp and scattered showers... Luckily there were few people and we easily meandered around. Here are a few pics from our adventure ;c)

 It was fabulous to have Travis push you guys, not only did it give me a little break, but I was able to take pictures ;c)
 Black Bear... Rawarrr!
 Super neat rock water fall with brass fishy
 As I approached this window, the cougar tried to eat my face off! It made a thump on the glass so hard I jumped back.. The guy next to us thought I fell haha
These scary monkey friends were eyeballing the crowd... Almost as if they were strategically planning how to get us all!
 This black one was much creepier...
 We took a little break for snack time and allowed you to run around... Of course you didn't want to get buckled back in the stroller...
Bentley, you are such a sweet little boy... always so patient and loving... plus you love to talk and sing in this quiet high pitched voice... its adorable!
 Cash, this would be an accurate picture of your personality... You are my "strong-willed" child and like things YOUR way... I like that you are so independent my dear but we need to work on the grumple-stiltskinnyness (nice way of saying you snarl when you don't get your

 This was a neat hooded vulture you both were able to see up close...
 MOM's favorite animal, ZEBRA... It was a huge let down that there was only one lone zebra hiding out... :c(
This wise money was telling me something... I just know it! 
The two of you were very interested in the giraffes.. It was so sweet to watch you hold out your hands like you wanted to pet them...
 (* I am forever reminded of my dear friend Jess and her giraffe David...bloody hell*)
 I love seeing all of the animals at the zoo... reminds me of working at Disney World in the Animal Kingdom Lodge... However, its hard to see the animals in cages when they should be out in the wild...
Poor little elephant..
 It was super sweet to see you interact with someone new, you both have such loving personalities... Well Cash, you do when you are not trying to kick your bro or gouge his eyeballs out...(Bents is holding hands)
 I would say the most magical thing we saw were the giant sea lions! First we saw them do tricks for food...
 Walking  underneath we saw them swimming next to the glass...
 Travis put his face up the window and the sea lion came down to kiss him! It was SO NEAT!
We had a marvelous time... Although you wont remember this trip, i'm glad we could spend the day at the Oregon Zoo ;c) Thank you again to our buddy Travis (TGB) for taking us!  Next time I want to take you to the children's museum!

I love you both equally and more than anything!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Herb Crusted Tofu

For anyone that has ever dated me or asked me what my ALL time favorite dish is on the planet... you would know that is from The Farm in Portland, their herb crusted tofu with garlic mashed potatoes and mushroom marsala sauce is to die for! Even if you HATE tofu, I promise this will change your mind... Recently I found a youtube video from The Farm showing EXACTLY how to make this delectable dish... I've been dying to try it out and finally have my mom around to enjoy it with me (she turned me on to The Farm & herb crusted tofu)

Lets see how I did...
Not bad for my first attempt and lack of  my fancy-dancy camera,  I definitely need thinner pieces of tofu next time and WAY more mushrooms marsala! Delicious! Also, figure out how to make it a bit more crisp... But the flavor was PERFECT! Woo Hoo!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

September Summer & Separation

Happy Summers Day September 7,2011!
I'm sure you are wondering what my excuse will be this time... WELL...
Its been rough the last few weeks...Your father and I have chosen to separate at this juncture in our lives. We have made some changes in our living arrangements and are currently residing in your grandparents basement...We have more than enough room for everyone (this is actually a huge house) and it a has been wonderful to see you spend so much time with your uncles, which are more like big brothers ;c) Don't worry it is temporary and soon enough i will have us in our own quaint little place... But until that time, lets think of it as a little vacation ;c) **We are lucky to have such a wonderful family**

Due to the lack of time, focus, energy, misplacing my camera charger... oh and lets not forget I've been using my tablet as a computer since mine it in need of repairs... ;c(  So I've been unable to keep up with the activities of your summer in blog format...yes, summer was rather short this year.. Its the beginning of September and we will be having one of the hottest weeks this year! We are very fortunate to have access to your grandparents beautiful backyard and vegetable garden...

Speaking of which i have been on a health crusade and am trying to go vegetarian/vegan, I'm not converting you yet, but ill admit I've been feeding you a lot less processed foods ;c) Thank to my wonderful mother for encouraging me ;c) I'm down to 130lbs of pure muscles, go ME! Of course I couldn't have done it without you two and the necessary twinnersise... I honestly thought I would never see a size 4 again in my life....lets not forget I weighed nearly twice as much during pregnancy! Anyways that was 14 months ago... I'm now trying to cook with as many fresh ingredients as possible :c)
This delicious lunch consists of black beans,white onion,fresh tomatoes,cilantro, avocado and lime juice.... yummm! Even you two love these ingredients and beg for avocado... We have also indulged in tomato soup, stew, vegetable lentils, vegan taco salad, vegan sloppyjoes.... honestly the vegetarian menu is grand in scale and flavor! I was a vegetarian for many years, it was even the topic for my senior project... haha
Okay, one more... Strawberry, walnut salad with poppy seed dressing... delicious! 
Back to enjoying this beautiful sunshine... Makes me wonder about the pole shifts and 2012... who knows... haha... I try to take it one day at a time and give you the absolute happiest environment I can possibly provide ;c) 
I love you Cash and Bentley, equally and more than anything!!!

P.S. Cash you got stung by your first wasp on August 25, 2011.. 
You were a total champion about it ;c)