Friday, July 27, 2012

Playing catch up...

I know I am the queen of excuses but this time I lost my memory card in the depths of the couch... As in, turned it upside down and blindly reached inside with rubber gloves to find "treasure"...  Also, my external HD is still not working and my memory card is full on my camera.... MAJOR BUMMER! 

Here is what has happened the last week or so... 
Lots of playing outside and finally enjoying SUMMER! Gosh you two have some cute faces!!!
I attended my friend Kelsey's baby shower for her little little princess Kenley Jae ;c) It was beautifully decorated and she looked radiant as a new mommy-to-be!  
I have finally started the plastic spoon mirror project that I have been thinking about since I saw it on Pinterest (that is the original creators blog link for step by step directions)... I certainly underestimated the time involved... However it turned out fantastically! So great in fact that I am going to make two more! 
Okay... so I have not finished it 100%, I still need to line the inside with something fancy... But I think it is uber cute! It took 5 bags of spoons ($1 a piece), 6 inch mirror (I bought a five pack for $13), two coats of primer, a can of purple spray paint and a piece of foam for a base to hot glue the spoons ;c) Relatively simple just time consuming... 

I am working on a steel sculpture in welding class... I cannot wait to post a finished picture in another few weeks! 

I love you Cash and Bentley,equally and more than anything! 

p.s. Potty training is going fantastically! You even crawl up on the big potty and flush! However when you need to poop you always bring me a diaper... You have gone on the potty but I think you are just a little shy about it...  Also, your vocabulary is expanding everyday! I am so proud to be your MOM!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Nathan's Birthday Party

Apologizes to my friend Kayla for taking my sweet time to post these pictures... 
**I will keep a folder with the pictures for you next time you visit**
HAPPY 4th BIRTHDAY NATHAN! It was a hot summer day, fresh fruit, bouncy house, pools, SPIDERMAN themed and overall a great party ;c)

Great job E-Eye, love you to bits! 
xoxo- B.White

Summer has arrived! (sorta...)

Okay... I am a MAJOR blog slacker... My excuse? Life... lol!
 I found this funny picture and it just cracks me up! (this is a trend at the moment)..I'm sure at some point people have felt this way about me in regards to my blogs... but more often than not, I feel this way about other bloggers... I just don't understand how other people (mother's in 99% of the cases), can make homemade organic everything, do 6 art projects a week, hit the gym, keep an immaculate house, have a date night, attend social gatherings, complete homework/job or both, take pictures of it all and still manage to look stress free... 
So I suppose in some sort of reverse-psychological-brain-wave-firing I decided to not blog?? (I think that is an excuse...) HA!
I have honestly been attending school, hanging out with you little boys and enjoying my time as a MOM ;c) 
Here is what you missed... Part 1/?
Visited Willy while he chilled by his pool and C-Lo spoiled you with popsicles (again)! 
It has finally been summer around here! Or at least it has been... 

We put bubbles in your mowers and you had a blast running around and doing your "giggle giggle" thing... Bentley it is your signature literally say "giggle giggle giggle" in this silly voice... I'll work on getting it on video ;c) *On a sad note, you (B) totally busted your lip open... poor kiddo :c(

We also caught a little froggy which is in the lower right corner, had a bubble bath with squirt guns and crashed out early...zzzZZZzzz...

I love you both equally and more than anything! 

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Our 4th of July ;c)

The day started off as any other... Yo Gabba Gabba, toys, outside time, books, music and all the new toys from your birthday!
 I decided to make a patriotic shirt while your Dad was @ work and you were napping... 
I ended up cutting the arms and neck a bit to make it a tank-top ;c) It was SUPER easy! Duct tape, acrylic paint with a little water and hand cut stars!
 We took a great family picture... SO great in fact, here it is AGAIN! hahahaha
Your Dad got home and we headed to the Fort to check out the festivities... It was straight CHAOS and we left rather soon after arriving... Luckily we had a magnificent show in our neighborhood!  (While we enjoyed Jimmy John's YUM!)
I was so proud that you were not afraid of the fireworks! You just jumped around laughing! It was a splendid evening ;c)

I love you both equally and more than anything! 

Monday, July 2, 2012


I cannot believe I have two two-year-olds! It seems like only yesterday we were having your first birthday party.... Probably because you can still wear your outfits from last year ;c)
Your birthday was Friday but we had your party Saturday, so that is why you see a date stamp of 6/30 instead of 6/29... I'll figure out how to take that off eventually... haha
Your Dad and I were literally getting things together down to the last minute... Luckily I had been working on the decorations for months and your Grandmother picked you up to get you ready while dropping off cupcakes... THANKS MOM!
The food was just enough to snack on... Fruit kabobs (minus the expensive blueberries) will most likely not be made by your Dad again (a little labor intensive)...haha but he did a great job! 
 It was wonderful to see all of our family and friends! You had several people drive hours to come see you on your special day of celebration! 
In the upper left-hand corner you see your MOM, Grandmother Michelle, Great Aunt Ginger and Great Grandmother Pink... Of course you recognize Ashweeee! Below if your uncle Maddox and Great Grandparents.... 
 Unfortunately you two passed out from all the excitement before we could open gifts!
It was nice to have a few minutes of adult time with our friends ;c) Then you were up and ready for round 2!
To make life a little more simple I am going to go in order of pictures and thank everyone ;c)
1. Jennifer, Avery & Jeff- Doodle pads, books & clothes- Glad we made new friends!
2. C-LO, Ben & Willy- Captain America balls, swim outfits, bucket/shovel, crazy staws & candy YUM! Plus some upcycled wrapping, LOVE!
3. Ashweee & Tony- Sit & Spin toys (i'm jealous)
4. Nicole, Ty & unborn baby Kyla- Kenneth Cole outfits & gator ball toys! I think that is the most expensive outfit you own! 
5 & 6. Second cousin Brianna & Great Aunt Laura- Leap Pad Alphabet Pads! COOL!
7.  The Grandmother, Uncle Maddox, Uncle Jack & Grandpa Jon- Tool sets with drills and art supplies! (Cash you were a little scared of the drill noise lol)
8. Great Aunt Ginger & Second cousin Drew- Books, Trucks, Cars and patriotic outfits! THANKS!
9. Grandpa John (your Dad's side)- Crane animals, PJs & Sponge Bob outfit... Silly characters ;c)
10. Chad- bubble wands, squirt guns  & water balloons! Perfect for summer!
11 & 12. Great Grandmother Pink & GG-Pa Dennis- Adorable outfits, lawn mowers that blow bubbles and a GIANT container of "gas" (bubbles)! 
I know somewhere I messed up and I don't have a couple pictures...  The green and blue bags from Kayla & Nathan I don't know how that was skipped...  Thank you for the lego hot wheels cars! I apologize for not getting a picture! It was chaos and took me two days to recover! lol I am also sure I screwed something up by not writing everything down... Again, I totally apologize and would be more than happy to edit any mistakes ;c)
Cupcakes were a hit with Bentley, Cash you were a little more reserved... I have a video of us singing to you in case you need some embarrassing footage of your parents one day ;c)

In all, it was a FANTASTIC party! Thank you to the moon and back to everyone who could share in Cash & Bentz second birthday!!!

 I love you all!

ps- Your mother had a grand mal seizure on Tuesday in a store while looking at cupcake holders... I was taken out on a stretcher with a neck brace to the hospital...Luckily I was alone with my mom... I had all the tests run and they couldn't find any explanation... So I have a 50% chance of another and 50% it was isolated...  However if I do have another, I will be an epileptic and put on terrible medication that will give me a beard! So, I vote it was stress ;c)