Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I am in awe that it has been an entire year since you were born! Unfortunately I did not get to see you right away  but many pictures were taken by your Daddy and Grandmother (THANK GOD)! Here is the first picture of you two together outside my belly ;c)

Here are the first videos of your life. I am SO thankful to have these, I was not able to see you for over 12 hours while they stabilized me... Its really hard for me to think about you with wires & tubes, which is why I have avoided writing a blog on the NICU experience... Anyways, I have these videos as well as many pictures so I can "remember" ;c) Thanks Mom!

Its so hard to imagine you as these teeny tiny preemie babies that I could carry (both) around in one arm... You were so delicate and breakable in our eyes... and now you think you are indestructible ;c)

I could tell you forever how much I love you and how blessed I am to have such amazingly behaved, ridiculously handsome identical twin sons... but i'll save some for later ;c)

Monday, June 27, 2011

Birthday Party!

We did it little ones! A successful 1st Birthday party for my two precious baby boys! Although a bit stressful for me, we managed to get everything I had envisioned for your green/blue theme, Dad and I make a pretty great team ;c) 
I am shocked by how fast this first year seems to have gone by... You were technically still in my belly for a few more days this time last year, but you were SOOO tiny! Neither of you even weighed 5 pounds and now look at you running around ;c)
I must say I am very very VERY lucky to have such well behaved boys, you stayed awake, without injury or the tinniest bit of fuss the ENTIRE party ;c) 
 I tried my best to get a photo of you both looking at the camera and smiling... but you were a bit distracted, understandably...
While Dad was out on the grill, we entertained inside ;c) It was so wonderful to see everyone! C&B, just to let you know a few guest traveled hours or missed trips to come to your amazing first birthday party! 

We realized you needed something to play with, so we let you open your firetrucks from Pink and GG-Pa Watching you guys get excited about your presents made me smile.I am glad you two enjoyed yourselves, it was YOUR party after all... 

 Cake time was priceless...Cash you dug right in and destroyed yours! Bentley you were a bit more reserved til you got a spoon. Obviously you didn't really eat it nor liked the taste.. i'm sure it was WAY too sugary for your taste buds, I don't normally give you treats of pure sugar ;c) 
After cake it was time to open the rest of your gifts ;c)
It was wayyyyyy past nap time but you were little champions and stayed awake til the last guests left ;c) I feel like the party was over in the blink of an eye, all of the planning and worrying was just over... I am glad  TONS of pictures were taken to remember the special day in more detail. 

I'm also going to add that while putting together these pictures I almost mixed you up! I can't help it that you can look like one another...identical twins, go figure haha
By the way you totally scored on toys and clothes, woo hoo! Thank you again to everyone that was able to make Cash and Bentley's 1st birthday party extra special!!!

I love you both equally and more than anything ;c)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Peek A Boo

 Geez little men, I am sorry for this huge lapse in time from documenting our fun filled chaos.. I honestly can't find the time, i'm swamped with homework, housework and planning your birthday party ( THIS Sunday). But soon that will be over and you will have 100% of my attention back ;c)

Father's Day we spent with your Dad buying things for your party and ordering your cakes, BLUE and GREEN! It is going to be a lot of fun to see everyone and share the amazing transformation from tiny NICU babies to wild and crazy strongmen ;c) 

Here are a few great moments from the weekend.. You both have learned to play Peek-A-Boo and constantly run around blindly with blankets and what-not on your head.. haha
*Bentley Jax and Cash Ryland*
The two of you just crack me up! You have  most adorable faces I've ever seen (yes i'm 110% bias) I just love every single moment with you! Thank you for being the BEST thing to ever to happen to me!

(Cash is distracted by an ice pack in the beginning-if I was quicker I would have caught it on video haha
Dad made a delicious dinner like usual... Super Cheesy Chicken Alfredo Mini Bagels.. They were SOOOOOO good! Sorry you couldn't try any ;c)

This is another captured moment I just adore. The two of you alternating jumping or copying one another, either way, its stink'n CUTE!

**Oh, and Monday you had a check-up, Cash you are 22lbs of solid baby muscle, Bentley you are a little smaller at 18.25lbs... Both are on the shorter side of life C-28.75in B-27.5in, but I have faith you will grow to be over 6' like your Daddy!

We know I could go on for days... but i'll just remind you one more time how AMAZING you are, Cash Ryland and Bentley Jax. Thank you for making me laugh and take time to appreciate the more important things in life... We only get this journey once and I plan to make the best of it my precious baby boys!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Time Flies

Its been two weeks since I started going back to school in the evenings... I'm surprised by how little extra time I have for blogs, crafts or picture taking.... I am exhausted... The two of you are busy boys and take one short nap for maybe an hour if i'm lucky somewhere around one in the afternoon... When I get home at 11:30pm you are still awake! I wish I had your energy levels! 

Today being Sunday  and our one and only day to spend together, we went to a new park ;c) Bentley slept a bit while Cash explored the beautiful outdoors in his new shoes. * We had to get you MORE shoes since you have these humongous feet.. you get them from your Daddy obviously*
You are so funny Cash... You were talking and yelling... maybe you liked the echo of your voice... It was adorable!

 The two of you now have a fascination for your father's hat... it makes you smile and you love to wear it around blindly falling down ;c) Its absolutely precious.

 The park was beautiful and peaceful with few people passing by... Its wonderful to go out as a family, and also necessary since you go in different directions haha
 Only one baby swing so we put you both in it.. hahahaha... that didn't last long...  So off to the cool water sand play area!
The water was very cold... another day we will come back to splash and get all wet ;c)
*After the water we changed you and actually played a bit more before leaving ;c)

So much fun!

Thank you both for being so wonderful and undoubtedly the BEST thing to ever happen to us! We love you both equally and more than anything. 

**Side note-- Bentley you have been biting your brother lately and it needs to stop. Although he is super tough, it hurts him. We will not spank you or bite you back EVER, so come on! Also, you fell and chipped your front tooth a little. I wanted to get cosmetic surgery to replace the mm of missing tooth... BUT they wont do that... You are still cute as a button and no one will notice, plus it will fall out in 5 or so years... 

Cash, Professor Chaos, you are a little boy that walks around with such confidence. If you fall, you are right back up and on the move. You are sneaky and wait until no one is watching... then you pounce on anything electronic and make a run for it! Hilarious!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Summer Sunday Fun Day

Sunday started off a little late, around 9am... Usually the two of you are up by 7:30 or 8:00am. The morning was spent watching a few episodes of  'Reaper', which is coming to an end sadly... 
 For lunch *skipped breakfast* we made delicious pepper turkey, cucumber, pickle, pepperjack cheese sandwiches YUM YUM YUM! Oh, and  some black pepper kettle chips... maybe I like pepper? hmmmm
It was such a beautifully warm day (not too hot like the day before), we decided to take you out to the park for your first time! We had a BLAST! Here are just a few of the many pictures I took of you ;c)
It was so much fun to put you in a swing! It was priceless that you just watched one another and laugh laugh laughed! I would also like to say that I am so proud of how well the two of you walk around ;c) We talked to a couple with a little girl only a few days younger the you and she still cannot walk! 
I love you boys oh so much! It was so wonderful to just relax outside soaking up some vitamin D while you explored your new surroundings.  

Cash Ryland and Bentley Jax, it is pure JOY being your parents. I couldn't see my life having any other purpose at the moment than to be your MOM and spending as much time as possible teaching you everything I know about the world.  

Din Din was chicken out on the BBQ (no sauce on mine ;c) We also had corn on the cob and baked beans... However, I was a little on the starving side and forgot to take a picture of the finished product haha

*Here are a few pictures from Saturday*

*Bentley and Cash*

This picture is just hilarious! You two love food and get really excited to show me just how much! 

Dinner was fantastic as well... Steaks, grilled asparagus and a green salad... Wow I love summer time and Josh grilling ;c)

I love you both equally and more than anything!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Random Summer Shoot

Cash Ryland, you silly boy! This is a video Grandmother took at her house ;c) You are constantly man-handling everything! Its quite entertaining to watch you pick up a truck in each hand or lift things above your head. 

Let me just mention that I have started back to school and over the last few days had a serious migraine. I even had to get shots to overcome the nausea and severe pain. I took these photos earlier this week but have yet to do anything with them. I was attempting a cute beachy theme shoot ;c)
I must say that with your ability to get up and GO, it has become more difficult to get both of you to sit and smile while I fiddle with the camera. But I capture some precious moments regardless!
I just adore your little faces! I am so lucky to have two amazingly perfect little half-me humans to enjoy my life with ;c)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Day

I admit I am guilty of taking our every day freedoms for granted... We have it pretty darn good here in the states and also know we have too many soldiers overseas which is terribly sad and they should come home! Along with having a day to remember and celebrate, it is also customary to BBQ and enjoy family!

Grandmother had picked up some little outfits for you and flag for the inevitable photo shoot ;c) Dad helped by getting your attention and keeping you from poking one another's eyes out ;c) C&B you are so stink'n cute! It took less than 5 minutes and I had a perfect picture, woo hoo! 
Our treat from Dad's grocery store trip was this delicious juicy watermelon! You loved it of course ;c) Fresh fruit was my BIGGEST craving when I was pregnant with you!

While Dad had a little Rat Dog (Horse Dog?) I don't remember the dumb name but as presumed, it was grossssss! Out on the BBQ Dad grilled up some burgers stuffed with pepper jack cheese, YUM!

Bath time ;c)

I love you both equally and more than anything ;c)