Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Visiting Pink

Today the boys and I ventured out to visit the Pink (my grandmother). It has been a few months since the last time she was back (lives in Las Vegas while it rains here... *jealous*)... As I drove up she met us outside and we walked down to Beaches for lunch :c)

The boys has some oyster crackers and were very well behaved! *Not that i'm shocked.. I'm extremely lucky*  

They found a small window  in the condo they could see out of and had a fantastic time banging to make music!

We thought it would be cute to sit them up in the window.. but it was a little unsafe and they wanted to play...

We then headed over to the couch to look out another window ;c)
 Moose and Zee were on TV and the boys kept looking back and forth... too cute! Bentley almost crawled off the couch but I caught him.. I'm super MOM! ;c)
We had a great time and hope to be back to visit next week before Pink return to Vegas. They fell asleep on the way home from all the excitement!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Wii Dance

Today while looking at 'Multiples' blogs I came across picture of a woman with BOTH twins wrapped on her.. I have a Sleepy Wrap and attempted to look up videos online... Guess I need a woven wrap to put a baby on my back....

Anyways, I was wearing one baby around and decided to do a little Wii dancing... Good exercise and they boys love music... As I was dancing I was thinking how hilarious it would be to watch me... 
SO I literally electrical tapped the camera to the top of the TV and below is the result...PURE entertainment...
Oh, and I apologize for the lack of background music.. I didn't know it was so quiet until I uploaded it.. haha.. I totally look like a fool and I love it! I would do anything for you, Cash & Bentley!!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Farm!

The morning started off bright and early as usually with two adorable boys grabbing my face to open my eyes ( I was awake but my eyes wanted more rest haha)... Breakfast was cheerios and peaches :c)

Yes, I am talking to my little men and capturing a moment I will enjoy looking back upon for years to come...
Here are a few more photos from breakfast...

After clean-up and a little play it was time for a nap and the boys indicated to me that outside was really the ONLY thing they wanted.... So a walk we will go... Plus we saw a pretty rainbow right as we were walking out!!!
As we began walking I decided we should venture to the mall and visit Josh (Saturday he visits his Vancouver store). SURPRISE!!!

We had lunch together while the boys miraculously slept through all the noise of the mall...
 After walking back home it was time to repeat the eating cycle and get in a little play before prepaing to go visit my mom ;c)

Lets just say this weekend didn't start off very well and I hate our neighbors... BUT I did manage to get my Mom to watch the boys while Josh and I went to a movie ;c)
Well.. At least that was originally the plan... Cinetopia in the living room theater! Woo Hoo!

Everything was going great until we were about to buy the tickets online an hour before the movie started and it was SOLD OUT!!! uhhhh This was the last thing I needed to happen... and i'll be honest I was in a pissy mood! LUCKILY Josh is a ROCKSTAR and saved the night by asking this simple question:
"Do you want to go to The Farm?"

Immediately my spirits were lifted and I gave him a BIG hug! I was now on cloud nine and about to indugle in my all-time favorite dish on the PLANET! Herb Crusted Tofu with Mushrooms Marsala!!!
(**Breaded and herbed tofu cutlets with roasted garlic mashed potatoes and crimini mushroom Marsala**) If you have never heard of The Farm Cafe please check it out!
(This photo if from their web site... its much better than mine haha)

We arrived at the farm to add our names to a wait list of 30 to 45 mins.. We headed back to the bar (which was PACKED) so we headed outside on the patio... Abandoned due to the rain but absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I love the smell of rain and fabulous food ;c)
** Josh and I **
FINALLY we sat down at our mini table yayyyy! The art in this place is AMAZING and the lighting is very dim with candles placed on the tables to read the menu ;c)

As Josh read over the menu he mentioned he was having a difficult time finding something vegetarian to eat... "I'm a steak and potatoes guy" he said loud enough for the couple next to us to burst out laughing HAHA That was the beginning of great dinner conversation and a fabulous time! It was great to get out of the house and interact with adults :c) On the other side of us happened to be the president of the twin mothers club of Oregon *FHM*! It was great to talk to another MOM!
** Josh has the halibut and for desert a pecan cheesecake with caramel drizzle... yummmm**

It was a fantastic and well deserved night out! Thank you Josh ;c) We were off to pick up the boys and on our way home by 10pm.. haha Although "early" for a Saturday night, we were exhausted and ready to relax at home...

Thank you Merr for watching the boys and THANK you Josh for a wonderful evening!
 I love my life!!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

FIRST Spaghetti

Let me rewind a a bit by saying that Tuesday the boys had a check-up and Cash now weighs 20lbs & Bentley 17lbs! I also learned that since they have so many teeth and are developmentally ready enough.... I can feed them just about anything I eat.. WOO HOO!

After a bit of fun in the ball pit, I changed them into dark clothing in preparation for spaghetti time! First I wanted to see if I could get a video with my camera (instead of phone) of them playing... No such luck.. haha

I thought maybe a mini photo shoot since they look so cute in black...
BUT that was sort of a bust since they wanted to escape and wanted nums nums (food)...SO off to the food thrones.. 
Cash started IMMEDIATELY feeding himself the tiny bits of noodle as soon as I put it down... Bentley was a bit more curious about what he was about to ingest... BUT he came around and started to enjoy ;c)
(**This picture is deceiving.. Cash is on the left, Bentley on the right**)

At this point they needed a little more going in their mouth and not so much on the floor... haha... Luckily Josh went to the store last night (SUPER excited btw) and bought lots of new baby foods for them to try.... One of which was Spaghetti... I was a bit hesitant since it resembled dog food but the boys seemed to enjoy it... 
All done :c) Now to clean up the mess... haha... it was totally worth it!!! 


Cash & Bentley- I love the two of you more than words can describe. You are my life and I love every second!!! I am very lucky to watch you grow each day and learn to be more independent... I'm shocked you are almost 9 months old and just about ready to walk... Where does the time go?? I love you both equally and more than ANYTHING! Keep being you and making me smile ;c)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Friday Flowers

I am surprised how fast time seems to go by... Friday again and to Grandmother's house we go...
Once I got them dressed and put the hoods up, Cash immediately started to try and take Bentley's off! haha

Although a bit chilly, it was not raining... Gave me the opportunity to take the boys outside to explore...
 Oh... did I mention it was a GREAT photo opportunity for my Mom to use her new phenomenal camera!!!

 Cash was a bit more adventurous than Bentley... **A bit bright out**
Poor little Cash fell right over into the daffodils! 
 I was busy trying to make them stay still for a moment to capture the perfect picture...
*Although unsuccessful I like the real moments that were captured*

It was wonderful seeing them explore their new surroundings and enjoy the outdoors (for the few fleeting moments it lasted)...
Back inside for a little play time ;c)
 The photo above is not ONE baby in a mirror... it is BOTH of them as a mirror-image... *Cash has a green bracelet on his left wrist*
Playing on the DRUM BOX (*Maddox told us*)

Time to go home from Grandmother's ;c)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekend Adventures :c)


Friday started with Cash picking out some movies for the weekend, Bentley was happily playing with some toys close by... 

 I ventured out to see my Mom with the boys ;c) They love Grandmother's house (wood floors, uncle Maddox*4yrs* and uncle Jack*11yrs*, plus G-pa Jon's guitar playing)
**Cash demonstrating his fast crawling capabilities**

I love spending Friday evenings with my Mom! Makes me want a little girl sometimes... then I snap back into reality-- I have twin boys!!! Yes, its a challenge at times... BUT I only had to be pregnant once, the boys have one another to play with and I only have to go through each stage of their development ONE time (times two.. haha) I just do not EVER see myself having any more...


Later,upon returning home, Josh and I spent some quality time with the boys... 
I love my family :c)

Saturday Ashweeeee came over to visit and we drove out to Club Tan with the boys for a little girl time...Not to mention that my boys are more olive in photographs than myself... haha
On the drive over, I was telling Ashwee that the first question I get when going anywhere with the boys...
 "Are they twins???"ANNOYING! So, what was the first thing asked upon entering the tanning salon.... yes... 

Luckily the bed I wanted opened up first *leaving Ashweee with the boys and to answer questions from the employees/company of the tanning salon* 

On our way back we stopped by to visit Josh at work *he happened to be at a close location*... While walking out we saw this RIDICULOUS paint job! 

AND it honestly had 'Git-RRR-Dun' on the back window! WHAT?!? Is it just me or do the two of these things seem unlikely to be on the same vehicle...
Later in th evening Tony joined us after Josh was off of work... The four of us had a few cocktails and a Wii dance partyyy!!! LOVE IT!
Josh also brought home a treat for the boys... STRAWBERRIES!!!
(I am not kidding when I say this photo refuses to appear as saved *upright*)
The boys absolutely devoured them :c)
After a long night with Tony and Ashwee the boys were exhausted!
Josh with Cash** Bentley with Ashwee

Sunday morning I was WIDE awake at 7:30am, or was it 6:30? **Daylight savings** Regardless the rest of the family slept in until 10ish... The boys played while Josh and I started our home-made chili ;c)

**The basic recipe is my moms... However we use our own variety of herb/spices to make it PERFECT!**
  • 2 cans kidney beans (drained/rinsed)
  • 1 can chili beans 
  • 1 can diced tomatoes
  • 1 can tomato sauce
  • Garlic powder, seasoned salt, garlic salt, pepper, salt and basil... *Whatever he feels like pretty**
**We make vegetarian chili but i'm sure instead of two cans of kidney beans, you could add some sort of meat...

This lunch was not just chili my friends.... No no, Josh has recently introduced me to Frito Pies.. yum yum!

**Josh showing how its done!**
Consisting of a base of Fritos, smoothered with chili, diced onion and grated cheese.. Mmmm
*Pure deliciousness* 

After an afternoon of fun, josh started marinating steak for din din while the boys napped.... 
Strips of mouth-watering steak, caramelized onions, melted pepper jack cheese and a bit of 'A1' sauce... all on a moist hoagie bun... PLUS a side of crispy crinkle fries... AaaaMAZING!
Sooooooo gooooood!!!!!!!!

Beyond full, we started watching the first season of Fringe... Great show!

**I put them down semi-awake and they ended up finally falling asleep on one another... 


Great weekend! I look forward to the next ;c)