Tuesday, August 28, 2012

School is OVER... for the Summer!? Wait is it over?!!

WOW! I don't know what happened to the Summer... It took foreverrrrr to get warm, then it was too hot and I was taking 9 credits... I am happy to say I just submitted my final exam for my online history class I was taking for FUN... yeah, I wont be doing that again...I managed to send in the WRONG midterm and failed... Now I am just hoping to pass the class and not repay the school *.... My welded sculpture class was phenomenal,  I love love loved it! If I won the lottery I would totally buy a MIG welding machine... okay, I might not be able to wait that long (I don't even play the lottery haha).... 
Goodness let me just bombard you with a massive collection of pictures ;c)
Your Great Grandfather Jim and his wife Gale came to visit, Uncle Jack started football, Cousin Drew was teaching you to skateboard,Uncle Maddox was creating drawings for everyone ;c)
It was nice to see family!
 Yer Mommy made a couple tutus for a birthday party and baby shower ...  You guys loved being my little models ;c) Thanks for fulfilling my need so I don't need to have any more babies haha.....
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADISON! We saw my ol' friend Trish for her daughter's 1st birthday and it was grea to see you playing with other kiddos! You two also enjoyed some Popsicle, pool and slide time...
I am so lucky to be your MOM!

I completed my scultpute class (by the skin of my teeth).... It got knocked over and scratched the paint... SO until I fix it and figure out what I want to do with the other side (long story) this is what we have...
We also traveled to Kent for our friends Nicole and Tyler's baby shower... We look forward to baby Kyla's entrance into the world!
After the shower we had a little get together at your Dad's childhood friend Chad's house... You had a blast dancing around with all the little kiddos!

On the way back we stopped by your late Great Grandmother's house to take some pictures....
She was an original scrapbook-er and has albums upon albums! I have several more picture to scan... One of these days we will return and I will bring a scanner! She has amazing pictures of her growing up... black and whites of her playing twister with friends.. in long dresses! Super neat history!
Whew, I made it through Summer quarter! Now I have a couple weeks to breathe until Fall classes begin ;c)

  I love you Cash Ryland & Bentley Jax,equally and more than anything!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Instagram WHAT?!

In the few years since exiting the technology scene in the workplace I have fallen behind in the new and upcoming gadgets/widgets of the world... For instance, I just upgraded my phone to the new fancy "best phone on the market" Galaxy III... I just downloaded instagram and I am addicted! It provides these amazing filters that enhance any image! For example...
Also, I am learning Allshare which makes life much more simple when taking a picture and sharing it to the blog, facebook, email, instagram, dropbox,.... Plus a bunch of other programs I have yet to learn.... hahaha... I still don't have a twitter account or truly understand hashmarks #FreakingConfusing...
Today my awesome friend Rob invited us downtown to enjoy the sights and have a bite to eat.... I saw AMAZING works of art in Vancouver that I have missing out on! 

 Yarn bombing what?!?! I was ecstatic to see this in REAL LIFE! Check it out if you have not heard....http://yarnbombing.com/... Amazing way to make dirty urban areas bright and cheerful!
 Yet another marvelous display of art in the Couve ;c) Recycled bits from the Hudson River into this beautiful  fountain! Ideas for my next welding project???
 Tight rope walkers were practicing while we walked by... We saw a guy attempt a back-flip and fall on his head... We continued to watch regardless... Your Dad even started to video tape in hopes it would happen again and he could submit it to the Ridiculousness show....
 *Out of order*
You two enjoyed Elmo balloon creations from your Dad's friend Dom;c) I wanted to protect them and keep them forever..... BUT they were yours and I accept that they did not make it all the way home...
 Oh goodness... I try to get a picture with my little Boo-Loos and you can't sit still...meh, i'm not surprised... I had to take a screen shot of a video taken on accidnet by your Dad while trying to take a picture... hahahaha
Who would have thought I would spend the day with Rob, Josh and the kiddos?!? It was nice to have you guys finally meet my very good friend Rob... and not cry...LOL.... (you don't like strangers... STRANGER DANGER...)... Rob treated us to lunch and was a great help with you lads ;c) I must admit I am relieved to start the intermingling of my many previous paths in my journey of life....

I love you both equally and more than anything!

ps- My term for you, Boo-Loos... I used to call you boo boo babies but you are no longer infants and slowly it transitioned into ... Boo Boo Babies + Hooligans= BOO LOOS... Why do I have only one nickname for you both? To be honest most times I am looking at the back/top of your heads.... Plus you have identical DNA and despite the fact that you have different personalities and mannerisms, I still  mix you up!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I'm how OLD?!?

I suppose as you get older the birthdays just kinda sneak up on ya... I'm 24! That is one year from a quarter of a century! My life is more than 25% over... (I highly doubt i'll make it to100, although your Great Grandmother Josephine just turned 98!)... My mom came by with rainbow VS undergarments and rainbow socks!!! Plus this hilarious card.... Love her!
Pink and GGpa came by while I was at school and delivered beautiful pink roses, an adorable card and a blender! Smoothies??? I think so...
I attempted photoshop for days....
Unfortunatley I got more than a bit frustrated and gave up before I "finished"... SO, I used a trusty simple online program to come up with this..
Yeah... I had your Dad download Photoshop for dummies and I have yet to read it... 
Here are some pictures from the last week or two... We have had some HOT weather, i'm talking over 100 degrees and not comfortable... Luckily we have wonderful shade from the giant walnut trees and plenty of toys to keep you cool ;c) 
C & B, you two are growing up so fast I can barely keep up! You are little boys with big personalities and I'm so lucky to be your MOM!
PS... I have a 2GB disk that is full of pictures I took but it is misplaced for the moment... I did purchase a 3TB external hard drive that will hopefully last a couple years ;c) I just can't resist taking pictures of your cute little faces! 

I love you equally and more than anything!