Chance Meeting

 Although unintentional at the time, every decision I have made in life has led me to my BEST friend and father to my most precious gifts... (yes, we will get married someday... )


Just a few short weeks after camp I was back in the Couve and in need of a relaxing mani/pedi! As I was departing the mall, I was stopped by those sneaky Kiosk people working for LA Fitness... I agreed to come in for a free whatever and tour the place (he was cute.. come on) The next day much to my surprise when I arrived he was not there and instead his coworker (and brother) was my tour guide..  I just moved back and was looking to reintroduce myself into the social network of the Couve... So I agreed to go over to the mall for a Bubble Tea (YUMMM & free, how could I say no?!)

 I explained my situation and mentioned I was looking for work... He told me he could 'hook me up' with a job at a T-Mobile kiosk in the mall.. .I thought 'what the heck, why not?! I literally filled it out over on a couch and turned it in without a resume... haha The manager set me up for a phone interview with the recruiter (Travis).. PASSED whew! He set up a second interview in person at Lloyd (different mall)... I arrived not knowing what he looked liked and asked the first person I saw trying to sell a phone... This black guy with gold teeth said he was Travis (voice not matching) and i'll admit I was a little shocked... haha.. Immediately this tall handsome guy (impeccably dressed) said Travis would not be here today and HE would be doing the interview (I could feel my face getting flush)... His name was JHENNY (aka Josh Hueneka) and regional manager... Hmmm....Power+good looks+charm=MY TYPE! My interview was more of a flirt session and I got the job! Woo Hoo! 

I was on the phone with a close friend before I even got back to my car and told them ALL about my new job and new CRUSH! I didn't know how or when I would see him again but I eagerly awaited the opportunity to FLIRT with my boss' boss... hehe

I saw him a few days later... My heart started to race and my palms got a little clammy due to the increase in warmth I was experiencing on my face (*blush*) Dressed in a button down shirt, tie, slacks, shinny dress shoes and black trench coat (catching wind as he walked briskly to the kiosk lol)... He radiated with power and arrogance... LOVED IT! I'll admit it was very difficult to greet those passing by when I just wanted to catch a smile from JHENNY... hmmm... I was so eager to get to know him that I let him 'pitch' me on a new blackberry ( I had Verizon and no bill)... I remember telling him repeatedly NO, I even tore up the paper diagram he was using to sell me... I walked out with not only a blackberry pearl (yuck!) but also a phone for my 9 year old brother!!! What?! HOW did that happen???  (He was/is an amazing salesman) 
He ending up getting more money out of me once I realized I needed the Blackberry Curve (like him) and I was sly enough to have him "test" my phone by calling it.. HA! Got his phone number and started a forbidden text messaging romance...
 **That warm fuzzy feeling while hanging on to his every word... **  

A few weeks later he FINALLY asked me on a "date"... Since this was a SECRET and we couldn't risk being seen by ANYONE.... He went to Olive Garden and picked up dinner to-go :c) It was the best fettuccine alfredo of my life!!! Okay, it wouldn't have mattered what we were eating... WE had a connection ;c) Was I dreaming?!? My 8-years-older than me BOSS (well technically he was no longer MY boss), really into me?! 

I was soon promoted to manager and saw him at weekly meetings... I would text him and he would try not to look at me.. It was SOOO much fun having our secret love affair... We continued to have clandestine dinner/movie nights... Its hard to say when we OFFICIALLY started dating which explains why we don't have an anniversary DATE... But if we had to say a day in which we both KNEW we were in-love and destined to have identical twin boys(This is something we have reflected on)... It would have to be his 28th Birthday ( yes, I said your age)... I had driven out earlier in the day to leave a HUGEEE bundle of balloons on his doorstep (He lived 30 minutes away)... Unfortunately he was dreadfully sick that evening, but fortunately for me I was able to pick up some get well items and spent the evening taking care of my love.

Soon after we became inseparable... Well, to be honest we were both workaholics at this time,  it was hard to find much of it, but we managed ;c) He introduced me to his friends Tony & Ashley (**Ashweeeeee) and the four of us would hang out at the local pub... It was SO great to get out of the house and be affectionate in public ;c)

One evening we went out BRIEFLY to grab dinner and on the way back, we were passed by TRAVIS (yes, our co-worker and previous roommate to Josh)! UH OH! Good thing it was dark and Josh has tinted windows... Close one! ;c) Josh eventually told him... As difficult as it was to swallow Josh breaking the rules, he came around and we have had some historical times! (** I played hooky one Sunday from work to spend it with them at the Farmer's Market in P-town) *tisk*tisk* 

Months passed and we slowly transitioned into cohabitation status... The company we worked for was closing down and also drawing an END to our need to hide-out.. .FINALLY I was able to post pictures of us and  tell EVERYONE!! We celebrated the occasion with a trip to the Oregon coast with our good friend Travis and spent the weekend party'n it up!!



Although this all occurred within a reasonably short amount of time, it was apparent to US that we were going to spend the rest of our days creating a life together...

We traveled to Vegas for my 21st B-day and later took a road trip to Cali to visit my dad and brother... **Unfortunately those pictures have been lost on broken cellphones, computers and missing SD cards... **


 With 'no time like the present' we decided to start a family ;c) We now have an 'insta-family' and have the two most amazing twin boys, Cash Ryland and Bentley Jax... LUCKYYYY US!!! 

(**Karma got Josh in the end, and he would end up paying the bill for the phones he sold me... lol)
 I<3 U!

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