Wednesday, December 26, 2012


YAY! Christmas is hereeeee!
This year was by far the best (so far)... The look on your faces was priceless! 
 Christmas Eve we had delicious lasagna for dinner over at my mother's and enjoyed the company of family while playing board games... (Some day I will get pictures from her camera and make a collage..)
 You two certainly scored big this year from Santa! We are very fortunate and thankful to be able to provide you with such an event... Once you become an adult you will learn that it is the season for giving and spending quality time with family... BUT until that time you just see a giant, carefully laid out, pile of FUN!
 Dad bought me a killer black and white diamond ring, totally my style ;c)
 Putting together the workbenches was a bit of a struggle.. After completion I called my mom to thank her for all of the years of hard work that she has put into perfect Christmas' for her children...
A lot of money, time and energy goes into this holiday, which is over in about seven seconds... haha
I love that you have a massive amount of new toys and Dad has a new dart board! 

Cheers to a wonderful Christmas 2012!

Ugly Sweater Party

Recently we hosted an Ugly Sweater/ Sexy Santa party... Many hours were put into cleaning, preparing food and we were down to the wire for time... 6:00 came and went... Still just the four of us.. LAUGH-OUT-LOUD! It was a moment when I figured this was some sort of life lesson and all I can do is laugh is off... Luckily I have the most amazing family in the world and they "crashed" the party... 

 Shortly after we were joined by a couple other friendly faces... Your Uncle Keaton and Lex drove up from California and came by in some pretty ugly sweaters.... However I must give the title for the most amazing sweater to Michael, it was made for him with a  Santa hat, ornaments and bells, AMAZING!
Cheese ball was eaten and Dad even managed to complete a vegetable Christmas tree!
 The decision to make it a /Sexy Santa party was due to a friend of mine and her creating a dress of bows... However she ended up canceling about 40mins after the party began and I was the only one in ripped tights and a petticoat... haha! ( I put on my sweater at some point to be more comfortable)
You two little guys had THE best time, so many wonderful people to play with and make you laugh! It was a blast to Kinect dance and be around good company... Thanks mom for the candid shots ;c)
 Thank you to everyone who came, it was a night that wont soon be forgot! 

I love you Cash and Bentley, equally and more than anything!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Random Holiday Portraits

While at lunch with your Great Grandmother Pink a few weeks ago, we randomly went to the fall to get a picture of the three of us all looking in the same direction... Here is how they turned out ;c)


Oh and I bought a new yellow pea coat that certainly makes me smile when I put it on!
Love you two little guys!

Holiday Happenings...

Is it December 11th yet?! Soooo close to being finished with school for a while and getting back to what I enjoy the most.. Being you awesome fully attentive creative mother that always has a smile on my face ;c)
Thanksgiving occurred at my mother's again this year, minus the tedius picture taking for blog purposes... Actually no pictures were taken at all! haha! But it sure look VERY similar if not exactly like last year..

It was short and sweet... This mother of yours has been a busy bee and find blogging the last thing on my mind... However, we did take a break the day after Thanksgiving to go out to Ferrell Farms and pick us out a Christmas tree!
It was a perfectly dry day and you two had a blast running through the trees, falling often due to blackberry bushes, but you never shed a tear. It was nice to have your Dad take pictures for a change, unfortunatley that means I only have a couple of you guys..
 Everything was going super until I went to grab something from the car and realized I locked the keys inside! OOOOO NOOOO! It was chilly and starting to get dark, luckily they had a warm fire for us to sit by... 
While we enjoyed the magnificent sunset, your Dad and a couple other guys attempted to unlock the car via a window slightly down... After what seemed like foreverrrr in my mind, I was given "premission" to call AAA... about 15 minutes later they had it opened by way of bent welding rod, CHEERS to country folk and random tools! We will certainly be returning next year ;c)
We completed our first Christmas craft of the season, go us! It is so much fun to watch you learn and show off your little big personalities.
A few weeks ago I had the privilege of visiting baby Madison a few hours after she was born... I finally got around to pulling them off my computer, sorry Kayla!

 Thanks again Kayla for letting me visit and take pictures of your new little addition!

This week your Dad won tickets to meet and watch Skylar Grey! I have been a fan of hers since I found out she wrote 'Love the Way you Lie' and 'I Need a Doctor'... She is fabulously talented and beautiful! Here we are...
She is so tiny it gives me a complex LOL

Make sure you listen to her new song and watch for the video coming out on the 10th woo hoo!

 Speaking of music... I am OBSESSED with Taylor Momsen... Absolutley gorgeous and I love her lyrics!

Okay I think i'm done for the moment... haha

I love you both equally and more than anything!