Saturday, April 30, 2011

Fun in the SUN!

Today we visited Grandmother's house to do a bit of spring cleaning ;c)

While Uncle Maddox's bed was in the living room, the boys enjoyed rolling around and laughing together ;c)
Uncle Jack fed them some ziti which they LOVED! 
We took a break and went outside to enjoy the sun and the bright blue sky! C & B are huge fans of the outdoors!

After a quick trip to buy sunglasses, shoes and a cute outfit for tomorrow we headed home to watch a big UFC fight! I had Cash walk around in his shoes, hilarious! lol

Speaking of walking around.. I caught this video yesterday of Cash... He tends to sit down and smile every time I point the camera at him haha

Tomorrow our plan is to head to the beach for our first family trip and C & B's first experience with the ocean! WOO HOO!

La Famiglia

I know that the last few blogs have been on craft/art projects.... BUT I just cant help that I have an addictive/obsessive personality trait... Yesterday I was looking up 'Sad Box'- A figurine I instantly fell in-love with a few years ago! It was to be the next tattoo I would get...and maybe still will in the future...
 Anyways, I found out that there is a HUGE following for the box people.. Danbo is the proper name and I want one! Or, i'll make one... *future craft* For the time being I decided to attempt to paint this picture of a Danbo family...

I am new to painting and am not claiming to be good by any means... I enjoy the relaxation of it and feeling of being creative... 

 I would have to say that despite having two wonderful babies all over me while I painted intermittently.. It turned out pretty cute for my first Danbo painting ;c)

 La familglia- "The Family"

Cash Ryland and Bentley Jax, you are 10 months old! I am shocked by how fast it has gone by... Cash, you walk EVERYWHERE and get into EVERYTHING! Bentley, you are the sweetest little boy and I love watching you as you get close to walking and catching your brother! SOO CLOSE! The two of you will eat just about anything now... You love bananas, strawberries, cheerios, pasta *shock*... You both have had 8 teeth for a while now and teethe like champions! I am so lucky to have you both! I would rather have my hands full than empty! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Monogram Paintings

Okay, I admit.. I have a craft bug and have been in a creative state of mind the last week or so...

The last two days I have been working on monogram acrylic paintings for the boys' room ;c)
First I sketched out some simple designs (i'm not an artist by any means)... I took the boys for a trip to the craft store *i'm obsessed* to buy some paint brushes, artists acrylics, paint tray and canvas' 
 *Painting process*
It took me two days to complete them... Mostly because I have two little men walking/crawling all over the place and only have small windows of time while they are napping ;c)
WOO HOO! Complete!

I just love  my boys sooooo much!!! The are my life! Thank you Cash & Bentley for choosing me as your MOM!!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Since recently discovering DIY (do it yourself) projects, I have become inspired! I saw this fabulous EAT sign and decided I wanted something similar for our big blank wall in the kitchen. 

Last post I mentioned needing a piece of wood... Luckily my step-dad is a collector and had just the perfect piece I needed! I also bought art supplies a few days ago for this project... Acrylic paints, brushes, mod podge, super glue... I also used a pencil, ruler, painters tape, graph paper and SUNSHINE!
Its obvious I painted each marked off square a different color... Oh, yes.. It is not an EAT sign... but a DRINK sign... ;c)

While I painted, the boys enjoyed the sun and warmth of our first glimpse of summer! 
After drying I lightly stroked a contrasting color (using the same 5 colors) over the top to create a worn look.. Then I stenciled some letters and taped them on...
Using black paint I dabbed the letters and removed the stencils... I applied crackle in hopes to give it an antique  look... BUT the paint dried and now it is just glossy.. Saves me for Mod Podge-ing it ;c)

I also have some shot glasses to glue around the border and need to create some sort of hanger-ma-bob thingy...

Although I may have spent more on supplies than it may have cost for a manufactured piece of art.. I am MUCH happier knowing I made this for our home ;c)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Spring Craft

I have recently found a use for my collection of mason jars! I had no idea how many NEAT decorative pieces they can be transformed into!

If I had more money, jars, time and permanent residence... I would create this AMAZING light fixture!

BUT that is not the case so I went with my original plan to use them as spring vases ;c) Last night I had the pleasure of going to the craft store to pick up supplies for my upcoming sign project... While I was there I picked up some faux flowers to place in the jars. 
Let me back up, this kinda all started when I was doing the laundry the other day and a string on a pair of shorts had come out and I thought it was a COOL  looking pattern.... I called upon my creative side and decided  to snip a piece and tie it around a mason jar.. hmmm... TA-DA! This simple project was born... *Obviously this is a common craft and do not take credit for the original idea*
I cut off a few tips and placed them at the bottom of the jars for more color ;c) I think they turned out pretty well! Springy center piece for the mantel above the fireplace.. YAY!

Now... what to do with the other two jars I have on standby... Soap dispenser? Lantern? The possibilities are endless... 

Now to find a piece of old wood... hmmmmmmm

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Grandma Rhonda's Visit

 We were blessed this weekend with the presence of Rhonda (Josh's Mom) and we took every opportunity to spend quality time as a family ;c)
I decided this would be the perfect opportunity to expose Josh, Rhonda and the boys to Chevy's! I am a fan of the dough balls ... The boys were a fan of trying to eat them! I also indulged in a long island ice tea.. and maybe a strawberry margarita as well...haha

While we dined, we struck up a conversation with a woman and her son siting at a table close by... She kept commenting on how cute the boys were and how wonderful of a family we were as well ;c) As we were getting ready to leave, a server came over to let us know that our meals had been paid for by THAT woman! I couldn't believe it! Who does that these days? It really made me appreciate life just a little bit more and feel the need to 'pay it forward'

I had the pleasure of sitting in the middle of the boys in the back ;c) It was neat to hang out with them and keep them entertained...

On our little adventure out, we hit Babies R Us and got the boys some summer clothes!!!

 Then of course it was time to try and take a photo in a new cute outfit... Cash got tired, which marked the end of that show...
 Bentley was a bit hyper but eventually settled down for a nap...

Rhonda made a fabulous dinner for us! Lemon chicken, acorn squash, yams, angel hair pasta and a salad!!! YES, we were stuffed! Even the boys enjoyed some veggies!

 The boys started off the day wrestling with their Daddy and enjoying the sun shinning through the blonds! 
Perfect day to go outside! Hmm... lets go to Farmer's Market in P-town... yes!!!
I just adore wandering around Portland enjoying the weirdness.. Saw a hacky sack guy, a couple jugglers, and a variety of other arts and crafts...

For lunch we had some hand dipped corn dogs, onion rings and a couple beers.. CHEERS!

Even the boys enjoy a little snack time ;c) Oh, and we FINALLY found them some hats!!!

Towards the end of our journey we grabbed a couple snow cones... LOVE THEM!!!

On the way back, we stopped by the craft store so I could try to find some feathers to create a similar clip in I had just paid $15 for!

Unfortunately I could not find any long feathers.. BUT for 12 dollars I got a ton of feathers to play with haha

Even Rhonda was a champion and let me put one in her hair.. Thanks ;c)

We had a wonderful weekend! Thank you Rhonda for the visit! 

*Bentley trying to get Cash's bottle*


Friday, April 15, 2011

Cash's First Steps!!!

Well it has finally happened!! After all these months of jumping, standing and pulling himself up... CASH can walk!!!! I am so very very proud of him! A little boy born 6 weeks early and expected to have "whimpy white boy syndrome" or so they called it in NICU... *White male preemies are on average the last to leave the NICU... But WHATEVER! LOL Our little Tank is a champion and we are sooooooooo proud of him!!! 

Bentley, you are equally as amazing and we are confident you will be walking in a week or two! 

I have a video of this precious moment and i'm ecstatic I got it moments before the camera died!!! 

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Catching up...

Yes yes.. I've been slacking for a while now... Only due to the fact that the boys have been sick and I injured my shoulder pretty badly while being "Super MOM" carrying the boys around on my back/front... In the meantime I did manage to continue taking photographs of my darling boys, Cash Ryland and Bentley Jax * I am aware I tend to call them by their first and middle name... I think even put a little southern twang in my voice haha*

Friday and Saturday were particularly nice days and the boys and I enjoyed the overdue warmth of the sun! 
While traveling we heard a fire truck coming towards us, I faced the boys to the street and as they came by... the men/women waived to us ;c)

Later down the road we saw smoke coming from a retirement home *scary*

I just adore the NW and the beauty of nature... I have a feeling Cash and Bentley share my passion... They made a "run-for-it" while I had the front door open (*I had barriers but Cash's nickname is Tank for a reason!*)

 I had the opportunity to go out for my friend Ashweeeee's birthday celebration at Harvey's Comedy Club in Portland! Thank you Pink for watching them! 

The  babies were asleep and I had just enough time to notice I had a few split ends... maybe its time for a haircut & dye job.. hmmm

Anyways, the show was pretty funny... *This is coming from someone who is not a particular fan of stand-up comedy* lol BUT  I must say the drinks were nice and strong! 

After the 5'o clock show, we walked down to grab a drink... When we saw Darcelle! Photo opportunity!! lol

It was great to get out with a few adults for a while... Although, I was very happy to pick up by boys at 8:00pm ;c)

Josh and I decided to make Pink's Sesame Seed drumettes! YUMMM!

1/2 Cup sesame seeds
4    Tablespoons melted butter
1    Cup Soy Sauce
3    Tablespoons sugar
1/4 Cup white wine
1/2 teaspoon Garlic powder
1    teaspoon Accent
1    teaspoon Ginger
5    pounds chicken drumettes or wings

Spread sesame seeds in a shallow buttered pan & bake at 350 degrees for about 10 minutes, or until golden.
Mix marinade together, add wings & mix well.
Marinate for 16-24 hours in refrigerator, stirring occasionally. 
Drain. Bake in open pan for 1 - 1 1/2  hours at 325 or until done.
To serve, dip in toasted seeds & arrange on platter.

The babies had a bath and I captured this cute (future embarrassing) photo!

I just love them soooo much!

Monday/ Tuesday

**Borrowed this idea from Haley, thanks again ;c)**

Later we took the boys on a walk

Sometimes the only thing that calms them is to be outside! So I take them out every chance I get ;c)

Cash Ryland and Bentley Jax...the two of you are growing so amazingly fast! Cash, you took half a step yesterday! Bentley, you are not far behind! Being your MOM is the best experience of my life, thank you for everything you have taught me and for everything I've yet to learn! I love you both equally more than universe! xoxo