Saturday, May 26, 2012

Thunderstorm March 25, 2012

The morning started off with a visit from your friend Willy... I got a couple of pictures this time, but you two (Cash & Bentz) were not in the mood to sit still ;c)
After nap time we went on a walk in the 80 degree sunshine with light rain? I guess that is the NW for ya... 
I love flowers, so pretty!
 I let you guys run around in the front yard which resembles a small jungle at the moment (remind your Dad to mow it this weekend)... You had a blast and I almost had a heart attack every time you got near the street... It is not easy running in two different directions at the same time...
Grandmother gave us a ring and invited us over for a long overdue visit... While we drove over, the storm started rolling in very quickly.... I took some great pictures and video... You two were a little overwhelmed with the wind and thunder but very intrigued with the hard rain and lightning!
I saw a double rainbow and attempted to take a picture before it was gone... If you look really really close you can see it slightly above the more prominent rainbow.... It was way more intense looking through my sunglasses... 

I love you two very much and I promise we will so some memorial day art project this weekend... Hopefully  with Will & C-Lo! 

Friday, May 25, 2012

I lied...

 After the completion of the last blog I felt like I should be super duper nice and give you a sweet treat ;c) It was precious to watch you share your mystery flavored popsicles and make silly faces... Oh and the kiss is just to die for! ** Yes I will show this to all of your girlfriends...**

I love you Cash Ryland & Bentley Jax! 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Scrabble Letters Part 2 & MANY Extras...

Dearest little boys, Cash Ryland & Bentley Jax, I try my best to keep up with the blog, picture editing, crafts and other special extras throughout our day... BUT sometimes it just doesn't happen and now you get a massive collection of pictures and randomness ;c)
I have been working on this scrabble project for literally days... FINALLY it has come together and is up on the wall in our living room! Keep in mind this is HUGE...
We witnessed an eclipse! It was difficult to see and apparently damaged your retinas if you looked directly into it... I was just waiting for Audrey 2 to show up....
... obviously no human eating plants appeared to me while singing a musical number... BUT I got a couple of neat pictures of the moon/sun...
In other news we have had one nice day in the last week and we are all wondering when summer will arrive... Oh and we have been working hard on potty training, your butts look so adorable running around in big boy undies... You prefer to stand and aim into your little potties now and it is hilarious to watch... Pooping on the potty is a bit more tricky but you have done it a few times... I have confidence we will be outta diapers soon! (TMI I know but this is for documentation purposes haha)
 *Look at the pretty purple flowers* 
I spent hours trying to figure out the name of the small 6-petal purple flowers with grass like stems... still have no idea....
Who doesn't love Daddy spoiling you with sweet treats?! I guess i'm the "bad cop" and rarely give you sugary things... Well I mean besides fruit.... We eat lots of bananas, strawberries, watermelon, kiwi and pineapple.. but he gives you the good stuff ;c)
Yesterday you did some water coloring while I finished up the scrabble board... Oh, and Will came over to play but I was so wrapped up in conversation with C-Lo that I forgot to take ANY pictures.. silly me...Hopefully we will see them tomorrow or this weekend ;c)

ps- You will know Little Shop of Horrors, we have it on DVD and I will make you watch it... This is my favorite song/part... Kinda weird but I'm kinda weird ;c) HAHA!

~I love you C & B, I am going to work on learning photoshop or figure something else out to get these posts up on a more regular basis... I enjoy the blog, pictures and crafts, but it does require effort and you two keep me plenty busy... I don't know how others can do it..... *COUGH* Haley... Love ya girl but you make it look so easy being perfect ;c)


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Scrabble Letter DIY Part 1

Being a stay-at-home-mom I try to be as recycle friendly as possible... I collect certain things for ART... I am not a hoarder... I have ideas for everything ;c) 
One of my favorite materials is cardboard, more specifically huggies diapers boxes! They are thick and don't bend when painted.... Go them!
I have been wanting to create something rather large to cover a bare wall in our living room...I have been looking at scrabble letters but most of the DIYs involve actually wood and of course a way to cut the wood... I decided to improvise and use cardboard  and painted it to look like wood ;c) 
After which I had to hand draw the letters to look like the real scrabble letters... Why didn't I print them out you ask?  Lack of ink... everyone has been in that position at least once... So I took the extremely long route but the letters turned out fantastic!
Here is an close-up of Bentz showing how large the squares actually are, 7.5in by 7.5in...  I was very satisfied and ready to glue it together and hang it on the wall... However; Dad and I decided to add all four of our names to make it really look like scrabble! Now to make 12 more letters... yikes!

I love you Cash & Bentley, equally and more than anything!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Goodbye and Ello...

It is not a secret that my precious camera has been in the shop having a chipped lens repaired.. FINALLY I got the call to pick it up yesterday! Luckily Josh is on the account so he was nice enough to stop by after work... When he walked in the door he said " I have some bad news and I have some good news..."
*My stomach dropped... did it cost extra moola to fix it? Is it fixed?*
"They do not make your camera anymore and they had to scrap it...BUT they hooked us up with a new better camera!" (so glad he is a great sales person)...
I must admit I was a bit hesitant because I love love loveD my camera... I got it last year as an early Mother's Day gift...

Now I have this beauty... Nikon CoolPix P510! It has a 42x optical zoom and full 1080p HD video! Oh and freaking GPS to tell me where I took my pictures with a map and everything... what?!? 

 I think Ashton was taking pictures with one....YEP! 

I am so happy to have a new camera and get to learn all the fun features! I think you two are happy I get to be your personal paparazzi again! 
Man you are guys are freaking adorable! 
I love you both equally and more than anything!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

Happy Mother's Day 2012 (to me)... I had the joy of spending the day with my three favorite guys enjoying the warmth and sunshine... About time we had some nice warm weather on a consistent basis...
You guys indulged in yummy popsicles.... Dad was creative and made an adult beverage out of them!
It was a wonderful day and for dinner Dad cooked up  steaks, baked potatoes, corn on the cob, grilled onions and homemade macaroni salad! We were beyond stuffed... Plus we have enough pasta salad to last a month! haha
I am very lucky to be your MOM and I love you both equally and more than anything!

ps. I want to wish my Merr a happy Mother's Day! Thank you for being a wonderful parent, grandparent and friend ;c)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Life without my precious camera...

What have we been doing the last 12 days? If the weather is nice we are almost ALWAYS in the backyard...Inside activities have remained somewhat normal... puzzles, blocks, musical instruments, books, noisy things, kitchen dancing... and of course art! I have been slowly working on decorations for your birthday party (I know it is not until the end of June...) but I want to make it Yo Gabba Gabba themed! My goal is to see how much moola I can save by using the art supplies I already have (which is substantial)... 
Oh and I have been making two of each, you might share a birthday and the exact same DNA, but you know we always have two of everything... If you are wondering why there is a random dollar bill, it is for size comparison... these characters are rather large but look small in this picture.... Muno and Plex are over 16 inches... I promise it will all come together ;c)
I caught this non-blurry picture of you two, with Bentz smiling! My phone does not have the best camera... 
You love playing in the pool, the water/sand table and running around the deck and yard... typical little boys that are absolutely precious to watch!
I have started taking pictures and video with the tablet...just more difficult to edit...
I suppose I need to step up my game and do some new things with you.... hmmmm... I'll work on that while you enjoy 80 degrees this weekend... 

I love you both equally and more than anything! 

ps- I know you don't see many pictures of your Dad and I... so here you go... We do love each other ;c)