Monday, April 30, 2012

Play Date @ Willy's

Our lovely neighbors were having a garage sale this weekend and we ventured over to check out their loot and say hello... I admit we got a fantastic deal on this super cool chair, FIVE BUCKS! It is my new favorite place to lounge! Thanks Court!
We also bought some little school chairs and a couple frames... The best part was watching you playing with little Will in the ball pit and finally relax around strangers (the shoppers)... I took so many great pictures and honestly I don't have time to edit every single one and the new collage program is not being user friendly at the moment... So, here ya go ;c)

Okay fine... twist my arm, here are my unedited favorites ;c)

You were so sweet to Will and have this natural big-brother quality.. too bad you wont be having any other siblings... Good thing Will lives across the street :c)
BALL PIT! I took yours shoes off but Will wanted to talk into one... It is funny to see how small you are compared to other kiddos... You are 10 months older than Will but are nearly the same size! Aww my little precious preemies, remember you were 6 weeks early and under 5 pounds! You are healthy, happy and handsome... I couldn't ask for anything more!
Courtney gave you guys some yummy natural popsicles! Ben came over to assist Will in his first experience and it was adorable! Look at all of that dark hair!
 You were well behaved as usual and sat nicely on the stairs to finish your treat... NOM NOM NOM!
You exerted so much energy that soon after you finished lunch you took an early nap! We will have to go back and play some more when you wake up... OR you can continue sleeping and I will roam the internet...,la...hmmmm.....
YES! I found a site for collages! I was so irritated  when Picnik was bought by Google and that they neglected to keep the collage aspect in the "creative plus thingy..." ....I can't seem to find a site that is simple, fast, has collages and editing effects... pizap is the best I've found so far for the collages and I can zoom in on individual pictures... cool! Then I can take them to fotoflexer and add an effect or text.... whew! One day you will appreciate all of the hard work I put into preserving your childhood memories ;c)

(Day 2)
Of course we had to go back and play with your new friend the next day! It was a blast and the adults cleaned up the garage sale while catching a few rays of sunshine... We inherited a few more items and enjoyed a popsicle with you little ones! I know this summer we are going to have a fantastic time with our lovely neighbors! 

Cheers to new friends!

C&B, I love you equally and more than anything!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Two of a kind....

(Pretend this was yesterday)
Cash & Bentz, in two days you will be 22 months old! Only two more months until you are TWO years old! Where does the time go?! It has been the hardest and most rewarding last few years (I count carrying you around in my belly)... I am overwhelmed with happiness when I watch you guys play and take care of one another... You help the other get up if you fall, always wanting to match and never forgetting to take a treat to your bro... Truly best friends that will always have one another...
Do you bicker, wrestle and intentionally mess with the other? Of course! You are siblings and energetic little boys! I will say that your sharing and patience skills are being instilled at a very early age ;c)  I love every second of chasing you around and making you giggle until you are nearly out of breath...  You are very different little people and I recognize each of you as individuals... but since you share the exact same DNA, I can say you are two of a kind! I sure am lucky to be your MOM!

I love you both equally and more than anything!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Planting Flowers and Playing in Water!

This weekend we had THE best weather of the year! I swear it hit 90... haha....Cash and Bentley, I wanted to let you know I am very proud of you for being smart little cookies... BUT I do not like you pushing the bench to the french doors and unlocking the dead bolt to escape into the backyard... Luckily I didn't have to worry about it much since I was outside planting flowers with you...
Dad and I moved a massive fountain and got it running! He also bought a little pool for you to enjoy... You little boys have everything lol...
It was so beautiful outside and really felt like summer! I look forward to many more days very similar to this...
Of course we had to take a break and the adults had a nice cocktail Daddy made ;c) CHEERS *Dad taught you that a while back...*
Despite my best efforts to keep sunscreen on you both, I must admit you got a little pink... Luckily you have my Italian blood and the pink will soon be a tan.... We will be some bronze babes by the end of summer!
Today we did some water coloring and went though a collection of books from your Great Grandmother Pink... Hard back Eric Carle books, unopened E.B. White collection, early readers books... THANK YOU! I have not purchased a single book for you C&B, your Grandmother and Pink have quite the collection... I did however come across an interesting little story... Sam & Company... To sum it up it is a religious cult book for children... Soul travel and the 11 God Worlds... ECKANKAR if you are curious...  The book is from 1983 but was founded in 1965... Of course your Grandpa Marty would know about the fad and this summer when we visit we will be checking out the attic for material and other treasures.... 

I love you Cash Ryland & Bentley Jax, equally and more than anything!

Earth Day 2012

Whew.... I just spent several hours going through the pictures from the week... We have been busy! I knew Earth Day was soon approaching and I wanted to do some fun activity with you two! After a little research and an inventory of household items... I decided we would make recycled paper with flower petals/grass ;c)
We gathered our items outside and it was precious to watch you carry around the bag filling it with dandelions and grass... After a few minutes of playing we came in and tore up a bunch of scrap paper, mixed it with warm water and blended it down to a pulp... I may have broken the little strainer/sifter thing to get a screen for this project (sorry Josh..) 
After a few days they were finally dry (glad I planned ahead) and ready for you to watercolor! *Thank you to The Grandmother for bringing us the wonderful batch of art supplies* While my mother was visiting she suggested I trace your hands (smart)... I spent days on this project... After gluing the carefully cut hand prints to the paper, I turned my back for a second and.... $#!?... One of you got Cash's down and broke it into little bits... Oh well... What's next?!

I love you both equally and more than anything! 
Happy Earth Day 2012!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Warm Weekend!

This weekend we were blessed with the company of our dear friends Christy, Jeff & Travis. It was lovely to have a few hours of adult conversation and watch you little boys interact and show off your newest skills! 
The weekend was beautifully warm and sunny! Sunday we all ventured out to the Home D-Pot (Home Depot) to get some gloves and other miscellaneous things... The double cart was designed in a manner in which you sat across from one another... weird?
After our short trip we drove out to the BIG Fred Meyer to buy you some new shoes and pick up a few grocery items ;c) This time you were in a race car and enjoyed catching your reflection as we tried on different sizes... If you were curious you wear different sizes in shoes... Cash we bought you a 6 and Bentley a 5! You have some big feet like your Daddy! If I was not so OCD about dressing you identically, I could easily have immediate hand-me-downs... but who wants that?! haha
After we got home we made a huge dent in the backyard while you tried out your new shoes... Which you promptly removed and ran around bare footed... You get that from me ;c)
After nap time we played with puzzles, which you are getting really good at doing all by yourself! Dad was beat and ordered Chinese food... YUM! You guys LOVED the chowmein noodles and cashew chicken! After our long day and delicious meal, the four of us watched a little TV before calling it a night... <3

I love you Cash & Bentz, equally and more than anything! 

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

*Easter 2012*
This weekend the weather was perfect! We soaked up every moment while celebrating Easter and ventured across the street to a first birthday party... The pictures accurately portray your extremely shy demeanor... I think you were overwhelmed with the amount of people and noise... It was a beautiful celebration and am thankful we were invited!

After the party we colored eggs! FUN!
At one point Dad was feeling a bit like a mid-kitchen workout... It was cute to watch you imitate his push-ups ;c)
The Easter Bunny came to visit and left you a new outfit, candy and toys! Even the grass was edible (so it said but tasted fake)...Dad got some new knives and other kitchen related accessories.. Of course lots of Reese Peanut Butter Eggs! I got a new wine foil cutter, chapstick(3) and new tweezers! Such a smart bunny...
It was precious to watch your excited faces as you dug through your basket and started opening plastic eggs to consume any candy you could find... We don't usually give you candy, especially before breakfast, but it was a special occasion... 
We were very happy to have your Grandpa Hueneka drive down to spend the entire day with us ;c)
Dad prepared a great spread of appetizers while he made a complete Easter feast as well... Two chickens, mashed potatoes, green bean caserole, candied yams, stuffing, gravy, rolls... it was so scrumptious!
We were also joined by our friend Tony to help consume the mass amounts of food! We spent all afternoon and evening outside enjoying the great weather! You two had a blast playing with Uncle Tony (not real uncle)... Honestly dinner was so filling we didn't make it to the carrot cake! 

It was a perfect day! Great friends and delicious food and sunshine! Who could ask for more?! I wish my family could have made it over but unfortunately they caught a bad bug and were stuck in bed... Hopefully next year!

Happy Easter 2012! 
I love you both equally and more than anything! 

Friday, April 6, 2012

Crafts & Such...

Easter is THIS Sunday! We are have a feast with friends and family... I decided to make some decor in celebration! 
I just loved making this egg wreath! I kept seeing them popup on Pinterest and just had to have my own....
I've been in quite the crafty mood the last few days and completed this beautiful silhouette with recycled water  bottle caps ;c)
The weather has been random like usual... Dad made some delicious blueberry muffins on his day off...
...oh and some blue jello that was a huge mess.... but you loved it so it was definitely worth it! Let me also mention again how smart you two little men are becoming each and every day! 
For a brief moment it was beautiful and we brought out the water/sand table...
The next day we made a project for an art contest for little kiddos ;c) Simple but cute...

I can't wait to cook all sorts of yummy food on Sunday and have the Easter Bunny visit! 

I love you both equally and more than anything!