This... is MY Life....

The transition from being a 'Social Butterfly' (term my father used growing up)... To stay-at-home mother has been quite an adventure... Let me back up and explain (briefly) how spontaneous and ridiculously fun my life had been leading up to motherhood... 

After FINALLY turning 18 summer after graduation, I KNEW I wanted to move out and start my "adult" life... I worked at a local video store and met the MOST amazing people, we had INSANE adventures into Portland, up the coast, to the river and even around lil ol'Vancouver (wish I had THAT video-THEIF**spelled incorrectly on purpose** lol)...

 Meanwhile I attended the local community college and applied for the Disney Internship Program... DISNEY WORLD!!!** Unfortunately I never went as a child and this was a magical dream come true!!** I remember the butterflies in my stomach when I had my phone interview... WOO HOO! Florida here I come!! Until this time I had only been as far as Mississippi **as a newborn** ;c) 

I don't want to get sued for slander but lets just say that the program is a cover for SLAVERY! By that I mean, working for minimum wage, charging OUTRAGEOUS rent, working LONG hours in uncomfortable costumes..Thankfully I worked inside and never had to deal with heat stroke... . Regardless of being broke and having a crazy work schedule... The friends and memories made are LIFE long! I  LOVEEEE YOU Disney crew! 

P.s. I had an appendectomy while working at Disney... Thankfully Pink (my G-ma) and G-pa flew over immediately to help me recover...THANK YOU!! ;c)

(... SO I may have been terminated a few months later... I still think it was a set-up! Who calls in a noise complaint at 7am when everyone is asleep?!?AND has them search your garbage can?!?! *Underage drinking is BAD!*)

However, everything happens for a REASON! Regardless of your beliefs... Most of us believe in some sort of higher power or devine intervention.. In my case, shortly after my arrival back into the Couve, I had a family EMERGENCY! My father, who toughed out previous heart attacks (unknowingly), was having ALL the symptoms of another.. Stubborn ol' man wouldn't go to the hospital, so I called his close friend and ER Nurse to drag him in for immediate care... **He lives in California** Long story short (too late), I raced down to my home town the following morning.. .YES, raced... I got my first and ONLY speeding ticket...** (Couldn't get diversion because it was in EUGENE and it doesn't exist!)

My father ended up having a septuple bypass heart surgery in Sacromento..(Septuple=seven way).. Needless to say it was horrifyingly scary and I had a younger brother to console and take care of as well... I stayed throughout the summer to help out... Enjoyed being back in my small home town, out on 25 acres of a mountain, enjoying the culture of World Music Festival and summer street fairs...It was my opportunity to build an unbreakable bond with my little brother KJ and take a break, do some soul searching... 

This lead to a decision to move to Indiana... I spent a year working as a preschool teacher's aide, enjoying the 'University' life of a college town while still attending the local CC... I met BRILLIANT, TALENTED and BEAUTIFUL people while I "played house" with my high school sweetheart...

That winter I applied for a position as a camp counselor in Pennsylvania, WHY NOT?!?! Again, didn't do the camp thing as a kid and this was a way to live vicariously through the rich kids.. haha... I was SOOOO excited about camp, I literally looked at the countdown clock EVERY SINGLE DAY! They promised me the summer of my life... TIOGA delivered! I recommend everyone that CAN,  spend a summer at a camp as a counselor..**My Summers**. I cannot reiterate enough that I have met SPECTACULAR people from ALL over the world and each have taught me and helped me become the MOM I am today ;c)

After camp I had the opportunity to travel to NYC with the friends I had made... AMAZING... Headed up to Toronto, ON (Canada) for a week and had a BLAST!!!

** Niagara Falls**

Immediately following I moved back to the Couve ;c) Had a great time with some old high school friends! Went to ROCKFEST with my gurl Terrrrra (*Tiara) <3

At this point I definitely lived life up to the fullest...I am also similar to a feline (which I am allergic too, along with everything else on the planet), I ALWAYS LAND ON MY FEET! If this was the last day of my life, I have lived it with NO regrets.. Just amazing memories made with amazing people... Each decision, each day, will ultimately affect the outcome of your life..I LOVE MY LIFE!!!

. After a couple of weeks of reconnecting with my friends and family, I knew I needed to get a job, sign up for fall quarter and get back out on my own...THIS IS WHERE IS GETS GOOD! 
(I meet my future husband and father of our STAGGERINGLY beautiful twin boys.... JOSHUA ADAM HUENEKA!!!!)

(See "Chance Meeting" page)

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