Yes yes, I admit... I am a picture FANATIC!!! It may be because I did beauty pageants as a child and became addicted to my own picture... haha 

 I was definitely that girl in high school taking picture with my flip phone!!! I remember I loveeeeed the front display, GREAT for capturing the PERFECT pose!!(usually throwing up a peace sign) 

*Yes I am a big fan of WORLD PEACE ;c)

Woah!! I am way off the original intent of this page... haha 

THE point is I have taken many pictures in my life, yet I still don't have enough!!! Each picture brings back a memory, a feeling and ultimately a story... I take pictures of my baby boys every single day in hopes that I can  capture as many moments, feelings and experiences; so that one day I may look back upon them when I am old and FEEL the same I did the day I took the photograph... 


I love the beauty of innocence in my children, watching them learn for the first time, explore this new world and grow into the phenomenal individuals they are destined to be... 
I plan to add to this page, hopefully on a weekly basis, with picture collages ;c) For now... a few of my favorites...

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  1. Awesome blog! And how beautiful were you as a little girl! And blonde?