Friday, March 8, 2013

First Park Trip 2013

As you two are getting older it is becoming a little bit more manageable to take you out by myself. 
Today we enjoyed a nice stroll to the nearby park to enjoy the beautiful sunny day!
On the way two "kids" riding bike gave me high-fives as they passed, we chatted up a neighbor about his 37 year old twin boys that are now living together again after a recent divorce, just down the street... His sister had twin girls shortly after him and well lets just say, he had MANY sets of twins in his family. I'm sure it was nice for him to recall when his boys were younger.
 The park was beautiful, quiet and you had a great time! I have a feeling we will be frequenting this park once the warm weather decided to stick around.
As soon as we got home you gobbled up two PB&J sandwiches with sun chips you crashed out.
 Allowing me enough time to sneak in a post before you wake up. 

I love you both equally and more than anything!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

First Kids Club Adventure

Recently I have been struggling with the "guilt" of wanting to have time to myself. You must understand that I have been with the two of you for nearly 24  hours a day since you were born. I can count the number of times your father and I have been out alone together on one hand. Luckily I have him and in combination with my wins from the radio station, I have had a few more outings. In total, less than 10 outings by myself, not including the grocery store which is now the way I get any alone time. In over two and a half years!
So what was that weird chain of events leading me into?  Well.... A few weeks ago I fell in-love with this fantastic song by Icona Pop and coincidentally they were coming to PDX for a small show. I tried EVERY day to win those tickets and I DID (so did everyone else and I think it is a huge rigged scam and I will deal with them later lol) However, it happened to land on a day where your Dad was gone and it is not like you have a sitter of sorts....
So instead of taking you downtown PDX to enjoy the show with me, we headed to Kids Club and had a blast! It was such a sweet moment going down the slide with one of you on each side and all of us holding hands while you two had the biggest grins on your face. I admit at first I had to crawl all around with you, which I didn't mind, but soon after you guys were all over the place and even played apart!  Interacting with other kiddos, learning to climb, crawl and weave between different obstacles; not to mention your amazing memory of different rooms and how to access them. 
 We were there a good 2-3 hours and let me just say that you did NOT want to leave. I had to pull the whole, "we will not come back if you continue to tell me no..."  and "lets go so we can get some art stuff from the store!"  whole MOM thing for a brief moment but you didn't make a scene. (thank you)
Immediately after I buckled you into the car you closed your eyes but I made you stay awake long enough for us to hit the store for a few needed art supplies.

Your mother was given a bit of a "challenge" to recreate this beautiful piece of artwork..

Since I have never drawn anything realistic in my life I decided to watch a YouTube video and give it a shot. My first, second and third attempts... 
 (black water color and black colored pencil)
(pencil and watercolor on computer paper)
I think I can pull this off! I will do a few more sketches with a proper pencil and paper. (I consider a no.2 and anything but computer paper an upgrade)

I also found this random collage of you two being little doctors, cuteness!

I love you two little boys more than anything in the entire world, I just feel like I deserve I little "me" time every now and again. That being said, we had much more fun together today than I would've if I went to see Icona Pop. 

Now let us go use our art supplies before driving to the airport at nearly midnight to pick up your Daddy ;c)


Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Last Month...

The last month has been one of illness and injury... You little guys caught some awful puke virus and it was Bentley first and then Cash, needless to say we were on the couch and had a never-ending rotation of laundry... After that settled down I injured my knee and needed a few days of rest myself, at least as much as humanly possible with two two-year-olds. 
However just prior to all of us being out of commission we celebrated Valentine's Day...
Craft using recycled tissue paper from your gifts from the Pink and GG-Pa 
Your Grandmother Rhonda and Jesse sent you cards and we enjoyed a few more heart themed foods/crafts.
Valentine's Day 2013
 Bentley Jax recovering
Bentley cleaning cream cheese off Cash's hand, it was a sweet twin moment 
Cash with a "sa-winch" on his head
 New haircuts 
 Sharing or "sa-wing", one of the most common words you both use besides NO and MINE
A few randoms
I managed to work on a patchwork coat that is almost finished
I've been exploring more crock pot recipes (chicken and dumpling, YUM)
I had the opportunity to have a few hours of adult time with my friend Ashley and catch up 

We started March Art projects with a lesson on colors and rainbows

I am glad everyone is getting back to perfect health and I hope the nice weather starts soon so we can get out more frequently. 
I love you both equally and more than anything my two little busy boys!