Thursday, December 29, 2011

Water & Sand Table from Grandpa Marty

Although I am a bit sad Christmas is over, today I was greatly reminded of the gift of giving to others when three boxes showed up from my Dad to the boys...  I must admit it has been like Chanukah getting so many packages this month from all my online ordering and gifts from afar! haha This was what came today... 
A water & sand table complete with umbrella for those few sunny days we get here in the NW ;c) In addition we received 25lbs of white sand! Sounds like a lot but when the kiddos dump at least a dust pan worth of sand on the ground I can see why they stay in business ;c)
How did we come to own this dream or nightmare of a toy depending on who you are... Last summer when we went to California to visit my Dad and the boys spent most of the daylight hours in a giant tub of water! My pops had originally offered the complete set of 'Your Baby Can Read' but as a wise woman once said to me "Who wants their baby to read?!"-My Mother haha Actually I just don't think I have THAT high of a patience level for the thing... Instead a water table seemed like the best possible idea!
Now you might think i'm a bit naive and have no idea what I have gotten myself into... However I did use to work at a preschool and know EXACTLY how messy  it is, but I also know the absolute joy it brings to kids. Being the best possible mother is my number one goal and I will do just about anything to make them smile.
So your Dad thinks it should be an outside toy, I say NO WAY JOSE! This video is a quick glimpse of why I will always allow it inside ;c) Besides i'm the one who will inevitable be cleaning it up...
Thank you little men for making me enjoy cleaning up sand and puddles of water in the house!
Thank you Dad for such a wonderful gift for your grandsons!
Cash Ryland & Bentley Jax, I love you equally and more than anything ;c) 

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