Thursday, December 29, 2011

My Wild Boys

Is it just me or do boys tend to get more dirty than girls?? It's probably just me...
I do remember always being outside in giant mud puddles or in the sandbox as a wee one... But Cash & Bentz are getting dirty INSIDE and insist on taking baths multiple times a day... They literally start taking off their clothes and whine/cry at their bathroom door saying their word for "give me a bath woman" ... About 95% of the time I comply and they have a grand ol'time ;c) Maybe they will be Olympic swimmers!
(insert video once youtube and my tablet start communicating)
**That took far too long**
Or maybe they will be competitive eaters?!?
C & B, you guys can eat as much as one adult! Dad and I just make enough for three and you two split it! I bet you think Cash eats more since he is a smidge bigger....NOPE, Bentley dominates and always eats a bit more...
Let me pause a moment and just say I just adore your little mohawks! I can't wait to see your hair grow out more... maybe then they will be fauxhawks ;c)

 I was also thinking about you two joining the circus?!?  kidding... But I certainly think you could get your own show! Disney's people need to meet you ASAP! You could be the next Zack & Cody!
Whatever you two choose to do I will support you if it makes you happy!

I love you both equally and more than anything!

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