Monday, July 1, 2013

Last Day of May

As soon as I was back from my trip we immediately starting back up with our Summer fun! We are big fans of bubbles and one day while painting we added a little color to the bubbles in hopes of rainbow... FAIL but you liked blowing bubbles with the straws regardless.
Having a twin is probably the best gift I could have even give you haha
Watching you two interact is the highlight of my life... Well, when you are getting along and doing sweet things like using pipe-cleaners to measure your height.
 I will admit it is not all  smiles despite my best attempt,  sometimes you two try to literally bite each others faces off lol
Of course we do art just about every single day...
(chalk pastels)
 You never seem to complain ;c)
(marble art)
Man you guys have some cute faces! I know all parents think they have the cutest kids but SERIOUSLY, you guys are like little celebrities when we go out in public. We get stopped constantly and you are always complimented and you are very sweet to everyone you see. 
"Hiiiiii' (always with a wave and huge grin)
Almost weekly we visit some park or another to have a change of scenery. It is always fun when your Dad can come  play too...
I love this picture of you two swinging in unison while looking over and sharing a smile...
Cash Ryland, you little daredevil... Made my heart jump the first time, now it is just fun to watch other people's reaction... Bentz, you can do this as well, just with a little assistance since you are about an inch shorter than your Bro
(Here is a video of the first time you decided to be a fearless kiddo)
Water fountains down town never get old and they are in the same park, lucky us!

It was a great end to the month of May!

I love you both equally and more than anything!

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