Monday, July 1, 2013

First Swimming Experience

I swear I am not a terrible MOM for not taking you swimming in a big pool until now haha
You two were perfectly content with the blow-up pools, sprinklers and hoses...

This year we finally put the water outfits I bought 2 years ago to good use and your MOM put on her bikini from the 21st birthday trip to Vegas (just a few months before I found out I would be having two little babies) 
Your great grandmother and grandfather invited us over for a dip and spoiled you guys with more float toys than you knew what to do with... It was totally awesome and everyone had a blast!
I was impressed by how quickly you changed your attitude from "help me" to "do it self". 
My little water babies, one more thing to add to your skills set, I am a proud MOM!

I have a feeling we will be back more than a few times this summer!

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