Thursday, June 27, 2013

Spontaneous Trip to California

We all know I tend to be a bit on the dramatic end of the spectrum and I prefer to react first/ask questions later... I had wanted to plan a little drive down to see my Dad and Brother with the two of you and your Pops. When I was informed that it would be too much to handle for my "broken" father (broken back playing football in high school, 7-way by pass heart surgery, degenerative discs, scoliosis... the list goes on), I booked the next available flight.

Granted in hindsight I could have saved a little  lot of $$$ if I just would have taken a deep breath (sorry Dad)... But I didn't, so I had the opportunity to help spruce up the property and do a little redecorating while visiting.
Here are the two of you checking out the major construction before heading to the airport to drop me off... 
I did have a bit of a heavy heart saying goodbye to you and being gone for the longest time since you were born... 

Once I arrived I worked as hard as I could to try and show my appreciation for all of the wonderful opportunities I had growing up. Every morning I would wake up and walk out on the balcony to breath in the  fresh mountain air, listen to the hundreds of birds in the trees and have a deep sense of gratitude. I wanted nothing more than to go back in time and relive the hot summers by the pool, hikes down to the creek and trips to the family cabin... I am hopeful that we will be able to visit later in the summer and possibly pass those memories onto you...
The outside of the house is gorgeous of course... but inside holds the treasures...
While rearranging the living room, with MUCH hesitation from my father, I removed stapled fabric from a leather table! A huge leather coffee table from Peru from when he was traveling around the world on ships for work. After I polished it up he seemed to be a bit more pleased ;c)

When I was younger I remember playing chess with my Dad on this spectacular marble and wooden board, each piece with a distinctive face including the pawns. He was so persuasive I even entered a school-wide chess competition in third grade.... I placed... 3rd! hahaha 
I was fortunate enough to have adventures into town every day to enjoy yummy foods and soak up the wonderful culture that is Nevada City/Grass Valley. Ideally I would love to raise my kids in the same schools I grew up in... We will see if I can make that happen ;c)
 I like to think of NC/GV as a smaller version of Portland with wayyyy less crime. I love the Buddha outside the window while enjoying our breakfast of organic blueberry pancakes and Mate-Pure Heart (My bro and Ben got me hooked.. too bad it it over $3 a bottle!)
Since my brother is such a gentleman, one day we headed to the feed store to pick up some stuff for his girlfriend's horses. I saw this giant cock and just had to get a picture.. bah hahaha 

Another day I spotted this beautifully painted forklift, jah man!
(With MATE in hand, thanks brosif)
One evening I was fortunate to have gone to a rodeo to see KJ's girlfriend Lex ride as rodeo queen (although she was queen for a bigger rodeo so i'm not sure how that works... lol)
At the time I commented on her incredible arm strength to hold that flag.. Little did I know that she had a fancy foot holder thing. (Silly Bri)
The bars in town are just as historical as the streets and I was happy to enjoy my first legal drink with my brother. AMF!
The last night I was able to soak up the fresh air and quiet, we had a big fire, made s'mores and gazed at the stars from the trampoline. I definitely tried to slow down every moment and focus on the small details to ensure the fullest experience as possible... 
As children we complain about being "bored" or having to go to the cabin AGAIN... but as we get older we find those moments to be nostalgic and want nothing more than to return to that time of innocence with not-a-care in the world...

Although I grew up without IN-N-OUT burger for the majority of my life (the closest is over an hour or so away), I just had to indulge since they were on every corner while driving to the airport. Truth be told it was my first... In the past I was a vegetarian and never thought twice about it during my visits. I will admit it was pretty darn tasty.

Despite the above pictures of "vacation" I did work my ass off raking, blowing off lawns, wheeling-burrowing, sweeping, dusting and in general helping with the things my father cannot physically do any longer... Even picked up a power recliner to literally dump his butt out of the seated position. (Hope you are using it dear father) haha

Overall it was a wonderfully memorable experience,  but I missed you both terribly and I sincerely hope all of us can visit this summer. 

Thank you to my Dad, Brosif  (KJ) and Ben for being wonderful company. 

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  1. Grandfather MartyJune 27, 2013 at 9:13 PM

    When you boys are old enough to read and view all the stories and photos your mom has taken to make a really beautiful record of your life, and hers of course, hopefully, you will have experienced for yourselves, all the stories your mom has told you and shown you of how she grew up racing around California. See you at the next camp fire! Or the Gorge in Outingdale of course!