Saturday, February 7, 2015

Hiatus OVER!

Ahh, it feels good to be back! After almost two years of not keeping up with the blog due to a variety of reasons/excuses, I have returned! I realized after pulling up this electronic jounral to look for a recipe, I found that I was mildly entertaining to read and the little snip-its of life were nice to reflect upon in such detail. I feel it will be a wonderful gift to give Cash and Bentley when they are older, especially if I get these printed every year like I originally planned. Plus it is an easy reference if they every claim I was anything but a total kick-ass MOM!
^ My Mom Shoots People^
Perhaps I will go back and highlight some of our adventures from the last couple of years, but for now goal is just to restart my blogging (such a weird word).  It is important to note that I am now happily MARRIED to the most incredible man, Leif (more to come in another post), who is an exceptional partner and parent. 

Cash and Bentley, you are now 4 1/2 years old! Last fall you started pre-school and this year is kindergarten, WOAH! Currently you are involved in soccer, just started karate and  I plan to add dance or gymnastics to the mix soon. It may sounds borderline overscheduling-ish but you two are brilliant, talented little men with a massive amount of energy and I am confident you will succeed in being well rounded individuals. We are so proud of you both for your commitment to always strive to be the best version of yourself.

We currently reside in a house with a large fenced backyard (woo hoo!) with plenty of room for you guys to ride your bike, drive your car, draw chalk murals and we can even set up a slip n slide! Inside your room you have a rocking bunk bed, spiraled lights on the ceiling, an ever growing library, loads of puzzles and treasure chests full of toys. We have a shop to do all kinds of arts/crafts, plus Leif just so happens to be a phenomenal artist and tattooist! I sure am a lucky girl to have three amazing men to share my days!

I look forward to future posts and Summer now that i'm looking at pictures!

I love you Cash and Bentley, equally and more than anything! 
~ Mama Bear

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  1. I love you so much Bri!!!!

    Your admiring husband,