Friday, January 20, 2012

Potty Training

Cash Ryland & Bentley Jax, I know this will be one of your least favorite blogs and probably one of the more embarrassing ones when you are grown but I am the MOM ;c)
*Don't worry, I didn't take any pictures or save the pee in a jar*

Around Christmas time I decided it was time to start potty training you guys! Grandmother had purchased some little green potties a while back but until now they have been toys you like to wear on your heads or pout water into... Lately you have been unable to keep a diaper on and the times you do, you take it off immediately after it becomes wet... Since diapers are not the cheapest thing in the world I usually let you run around in the nude or on occasion you like to wear the Disney big boys undies... Its true I have cleaned up more pee off the floor than has actually gone in the potty, BUT you both have done it! 
Yesterday Bentley was the first to show off by taking off his pants and diaper, sit himself down and pee! I was beyond impressed and called your Dad while making a facebook post! haha Then later in the night he did it a couple more times just to show us it wasn't a fluke..
Today you guys fell asleep on my while watching a movie... Neither of you peed in your sleep and as soon as I sat Bentley down he went! I wasn't fast enough with Cash ;c) 
BUT Cash you just showed me you can do it to! PLUS you showed up your brother by pooping in it too! I know this is TMI but it makes a mother proud! When I am an old lady I will enjoy reading about how I potty trained my twin boys at 18 months of age! haha
I obviously love you both equally and more than anything!

MOMs Don't Get Sick Days...

I know this is LONG overdue but please understand I have been on my death bed (not literally of course)... I am extremely ill, stressed with school and just generally overwhelmed... It doesn't help that we are having 10 long days of hard rain...
Although I have not been regularly writing about what we have been doing around the Hueneka/Pezzaglia household, I have managed to take many pictures and video (despite my camera being semi-broken AND my tablet will not power on)....
We had our first SNOW of 2012! The ground was too warm for it to stick until we were sleeping... Unfortunately it had all turned to slush by the time we were up... 
 Dad made scrumptious stir-fry and egg-rolls... Amazing the quantity after adding all the ingredients... Of course no recipe was involved, go figure... 
This tasty little giant cheese ball has been a snack for days! Adding a hot/sweet pickle and topping the ritz with a chicken-in-a-biskit cracker... majorly addictive...
I was VERY proud you both finally gave in and enjoyed oatmeal for breakfast! yessssss
Everyday craziness has continued without a hitch... Although I can't say the same for my constant state of patience and calm understanding... 
I'm not even going to ask WHY you like to open the fridge and get into anything and everything... Obviously it is a treasure chest full of forbidden and most likely breakable items (your Dad is the condiment king)... We have a lock now which prevents most instances, however you are quick little guys!  I love your faces and I apologize for my lack of %110 MOM but i'm STILL uber sick! 
Even while lying on the couch aching down to every last hair follicle and fingernail, you two can always make me laugh ;c) Not very clear footage but it was the best I could do in the moment... We were watching Bye Bye Love and as the credits rolled and the theme song played you both went wild... loved it! I must admit it was one of my favorites growing up and i'm very fond of the song as well...

I love you Cash Ryland & Bentley Jax... 
I'm going back to the couch now to further procrastinate the intense and confusing homework for my online logic course... Please be good and let mommy rest... Its tough being a sick mom, but we are not allowed the luxury of sick days ;c)

ps... Watch Blue Valentine when you are older, it is a fantastic film that will make anyone cry... I am now obsessed with the song "You Always Hurt The One Your Love" sung by Ryan Gosling & Michael Buble, among many others... Okay, here is the trailer for the movie if anyone has not seen it, it is a MUST...

I love you boys equally and more than anything! 

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Wa Wa Wa....

Cash and Bentley, I know that on more than one occasion I have documented your love obsession with H2O! Obviously you enjoy playing in the water table and the bathtub but you also drink bottles and bottles of water! I know it pollutes the Earth but it just tastes better and you guys love for me to pour a little in an empty bottle just for you ;c) 
Most of the time you get a cup out of the drawer or find the last one you threw down somewhere and bring it to me saying "wa wa wa wa wa"
Cash, you make the cutest little pucker face! I can have tried several times to record this and finally have some cute footage... Yes its long but you keep coming back for more! haha
** I apologize about the shakiness but I was using my tablet at the time for video and trying to pour water...

Friday, January 13, 2012


Oh silly little boys! I was trying to get you on camera saying "WA WA WA" which is your way for asking for water... Instead I captured this priceless moment! Cash, you steal Bentz cup and when he gets upset you try to distract him with a 'Hiiiii"

Stop Stressing...

Dear Future Self,
It has been one of THOSE days... Josh is in Vegas for work, I started a night class and am trying my first online course in logic...hmmm... My books have yet to arrive which makes completing assignments more difficult... Our last apartment "forgot" we moved out and we got a $450 utility bill, the printer wouldn't work, ect... It was becoming a bit overwhelming and I may have shed a tear or two or three...But I quickly realized ultimately it doesn't matter if a few things are not going the way I planned; my kiddos matter.... 

I stopped all the frantic phone calls and picked them both up in my arms to tell them how much I love love loved them..... Its obvious to me I am furthering my education to give them every opportunity but I also need to remind myself  they come first no matter what ;c) Its easy to get caught up in the craziness of life... I see how fast it goes by and I definitely don't want to waste precious moments being upset with things out of my control... 
 I took a few pictures... 
Cash and Bentley, I have no doubt you will have moments where you are frustrated .... just remember I am here and everything always turns around!
I love you equally and more than anything!!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Great Times With GREAT Friends!

Jeff and Christy are coming over for dinner?!?! WOO HOO! 
We definitlety love our friends Jeff & Christy and were more than thrilled they would be joining us for dinner and cocktails!
What sort of food did we stuff ourselves with on this delightful evening?? Stuffed porkchops, baked pepperjack cheese brocholii and good ol'parmesan pastaroni! DELICIOUS!
Wings were also made with a yummy sauce (NO honey)... Oddly enough I have zero pictures of them....  Guess we should make them again tonight eh??? (Yes... i'm from Nova Scotia)
Of course the two of you were more than excited to see your pseudo mom Christy!
The boys had their little "bromance" lovin with the Tok gang sign (crossed F-U fingers)... So cute to see how much they talk to one another on a daily basis.. AWWWWWW!
Feeling mushy?!? Your Dad & I love one another very very much ;c) We may be on the crazy-extreme spectrum of life, but thank god we found eachother! Not to mention we make the cutest babies ever!!!
Cheers to great friends and a fantastic evening!  I can't wait til we hang out again! Jeff.... You know where you need to take us! Christy, we need to play freaking BINGO and let the men watch the babies!  
Love love LOVE  you guys!!!

I love you Cash and Bentley equally and more than anything!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Lost & Found

Ever find a random SD card, HD (hard drive) or blank CD from years ago?? 
I remember when I was a kid I would always buy movies off the satellite and record them on a VHS for later ;c) Sometimes I would forget to label them or my dad would need a tape to record a boxing match (he never watches them again) and it created quite the game of "wonder whats on that..." 
As I got older and making mix CDs was the cool kid thing to do, I used to label them with 'Bri's Kick Ass Mix #3' or if it was from a guy, 'To my luv.....
I know we all find them in random places and play them if they are not too scratched... 
What is my point? Josh and I have more than a few micro SD cards around the house... He came across one yesterday and this is what was found...
This was taken July 26, 2009... I am so glad digital photos have 'taken-on' dates!
 Look at those tan fools! Too much $$ was spent on tanning beds... 
Oh hey!? Is that a G1 in those fake fingernails? Check out the overpriced blonde hair....
 Don't even get me started on your Dad's wardrobe... $$$
In hind sight we were extremely irresponsible with money... Do as we say not as we do  ;c)  
Also on this disc was one of our MANY trips to the coast... Such great memories! 
From the outside this place looked super neat and full of pirate stuff... 
Truthfully it sucked...
The ultimate goal of any beach trip is to sink your toes in the sand and look out into the endless water...
Doesn't hurt if you are with your best friend & future father of your children ;c)
Here is to you Josh, through all the ups and downs over the years, we are stronger than ever and it just gets better! We have the most amazing sons we could ever ask for....we have identical twins sons! WOAH! 
Thanks for the reminding me of our crazy times before being parents ;c) I can't wait to take the boys again this summer!
I love you and our boys more than anything! 

Friday, January 6, 2012

Kitchen Aid Creations

Cash Ryland & Bentley Jax, we have been having a fantastic new year  and getting TONS of use out of the new Kitchen Aid mixer! I wanted to share a few yummy treats from the last week...
Cinnamon Rolls anyone?!? They were just like Cinnabon... all gooey and with the perfect cream cheese  frosting!
Who could resist cheese, bread and garlic alfredo sauce??? Not this family... Bring on the PIZZA!
Jalapeno beer cheese bread?!?! Beyond delicious I consumed the leftovers my self... I'm think i'm about to have a carb-attack! haha
A few nights later... Jalapeno pretzels and pretzel dogs! Think we like spicy? lol.. 
Actually I did not like anything spicy before I met your Dad... He has opened my eyes to the joy of ones mouth burning ;c)

It is always such a blast to hang out in the kitchen and cook together!
I love you three so very very much!
I am one lucky gal!


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Years 2012

I know i'm a little late on this blog but we have been having such a wonderful time as a family over the last few days that I've been unable to get it together ;c) Your Dad has taken the last three days off and we have been incredibly lazy and its been absolutely fantastic!
 For New Years Eve we started the day by visiting my Mom and getting a cute picture of the three of us ;c)
Uncle Maddox was our assistant ;c) Wearing a trash bag cape and modeling a name plate haha
Originally I created some cute little pink zebra duct tape ties for the occasion and as an after thought decided to get dressed for a mini-fam photo...
They didn't turn out exactly as I had envisioned... It was also very stressful to get you to sit still without slipping them off ;c)
After Dad got home we started our own tradition of New Year Nachos! They were vegetarian and phenomenal! Oh yes, I forgot to mention that I am totally obsessed with peperoncinis! I need them on everything in abundance! 
I also utilized my Christmas gift from my Merrr (mom)... I like to call it Goose, it aerates the wine and makes it oh so tasty!
The two of you stayed up with us until midnight, extremely hyper due to the frosting-filled spoons I gave you ;c) 
At first I was SUPER bummed that I missed the  ball drop live in New York City by ONE minute! Luckily they replayed it for our time zone! I got my kiss and we all banged pots and pans!
Then I thought to myself, "self, why do we bang pots and pans?!" I looked up the history and it originated from the belief that loud noises kept away evil spirits! I also learned in Spain they try to eat 12 grapes in the minute after midnight (as did my friend HK), dimes are placed in cabbages for good luck and anything round represents good luck and prosperity! My mom actually knew quite a bit on the topic... She made cornbread, black eyed-peas and collared greens for New Years Day dinner... Your Dad wasn't so keen on that idea...Instead, hewanted juicy-lucys (hamburgers with cheese in the middle)... They are round right?!?! Man they were delicious! 
We have had a fantastic weekend and look forward to the next year and all it has to offer! 
I love you both equally and more than anything !